Sunday, December 16, 2007

Playing around

Meet penguin numero dos, and his friend the be-sweatered bear. The bear just left surgery, where I spent an hour stitching him up without feeling proud of what I had done. The last time I made this bear, The yarn was a fluffy mohair that hid the poor joint-work; this time he looks slightly crooked and more than just a little bit choked. The penguins are easy, the hard part is remembering which directions their fin/wings angle away from their body.
Not much, but two Christmas presents done and ready to go.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

still knitting

So, heres a few pictures for those that may think I have abandoned all knitting endeavors. First, the harf, as modeled by the charismatic Fany-she said it was ridiculously warm considering the weather here currently, but didn’t want to give it back. The Malabrigo scarf is looking lovely, slightly puckery but hopefully that will disappear with some decent blocking. The brown mass is the head to a future teddy bear, and the penguin that I made yesterday (in one day) has already been gifted to one of the little people in the house. Honestly, not much knitting has been happening the last two weeks, since the festival of the Virgen of Guadalupe has taken precedence over everything else-and when it ended on Monday it wasn’t a day too soon. But things are slowly returning to normal, so hopefully by next week I will have something more substantial to share.

Friday, December 7, 2007

oh my goshness!

I just realized as I was checking some of my favorite blogs (knitandtonic, glampyre, katcoyle) that I couldn't remember the last time I had updated my own. Well, well, looks like it has been two weeks plus (but no ones counting)...
The harf is done, now a two color harf since I received the two skeins of Blue Sky Alpacas to make it with an extra long scarf section. I don't know if I have the will power to give this one away, but I will try, although I love it so!
The Malabrigo laceweight changed from being the pompom awning to being the flame lace scarf from Wendy (knitandtonic)and that one grew by a couple of rows just this morning.
The sweater is being packed up and shipped back to the states-it is not quite done, but it is way too hot down here to keep lugging that one around. The socks, the socks, the socks. What can I say? Not done, and mocking me from their hiding spot-so small, but so difficult to finish. Mohair leaves-found! Not done, or getting any bigger, but no longer in the lost category.
Pictures are forthcoming, as soon as I find someone to model the harf in this unbearable heat.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yeah, still here, procrastaknitting. Sorry for the huge delay in getting the pictures out there, but you understand. Right? Okay, the little red skirt was a hit with little Miss Lizbet, so now the black and red tank is on the needles to match. The Malabrigo, well that showed up in a care package from Mom, yarn I had ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool back in August that didn’t get to Washington before I left. I wound up one ball, and perused my pattern binder-visions of a shawl-y thing for Jadine in order to keep my end of the deal-she made me a gorgeous quilt earlier this year. I started using the Kat Coyle pompom awning pattern from Greetings from the Knit Café – I’ll save final decision making until I’ve finished at least one lace pattern repeat. The socks are progressing; one is a footie, the other an anklet. The brown Fancy Image Yarn is being worked with leftover Sockotta sock yarn from Eli last year-I am cutting my teeth on the syncopated caps pattern from the Spring (or was it Summer?) issue of Interweave knits. Not sure of how far this one will make it before it is retired, because it has already caused some cursing and frogging that was undeserved.
So, there it all is, my recent knitting adventure/attempts in one quickie paragraph. And now here’s the pictures….

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I need to figure out who this Penelope character is. For the past five days I was traveling around the beaches of Northern Peru and on in to Ecuador with the graduating classes from one of the local private schools. There was a handful of parent chaperones present, and whenever anyone commented on my constant handful of needles and yarn, they always said something about Penelope. From what I translated, apparently Penelope was in love with a man who went away to war, and her parents wanted to marry her off to another. She said she would marry once she finished whatever project it was she was knitting-but the catch is that she would knit all day long and at night unravel what she had started so she never actually finished. I, however, don't unravel. I just start a new project!
As for my current projects, still missing a sleeve on the mohair hoodie, and one of the socks is to the cuffs, the other a little bit behind. What else was I working on? In any case, I also knit up a little skirt during the course of this trip. I wanted to try out the lace pattern for a sweater I was considering making, so I decided to work it as a much smaller project-what has turned into a cotton skirt perfectly sized for a toddler. Yesterday I started on a little top to match, in a different color but with the same lace pattern-pictures are forthcoming, I promise.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hoodie and the Blowsocks

The hoodie. The hoodie. The hoodie is not much more than that, but it is done-minus sleeves. Still holding a personal debate-if I make it short sleeved, I can wear it right now, while I am down here. If I make it long sleeved, it will have to be stored until January when I return to the states, because a long sleeved alpaca mohair hoodie just doesn’t fly in South American summer weather. As it is, short sleeves will only work at night. Then I was thinking, hmmm, I wonder if there’s a way I can make it short sleeved, but leave the option to add sleeves once I get home-what do you think?
As for those stinking socks, I pulled them out of the drawer of pretend-its-done, and I will turn the heel on the second sock today. I promised myself. Still on the lookout for the mohair leaves scarf, and that Van Dam cadet hat is nearly done-thanks to two hours on a bus with nothing to pay attention to except yet another of Jean Claude’s terrible kung fu faux movies. But, I think I figured out why he is so popular down here-it is because his movies are severely lacking in intelligent conversation, which cuts down on the amount of translation that need to happen-grunts, flesh slapping, and severe stares are the same in every language.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hannah's Cape, Re-Visited

TO BEGIN: I apologize for my slacker tendencies. BUT in my defense, I am a procrastaknitter-that name was not just to be cutesy. I have been knitting, but not writing. Actually, I whipped out a trendy retro cape this week, the full size model of Hannah’s green cape-just because I was looking through my back log of knit photos, and remembered how easy it was to make hers (two days, from cast on to putting on). I used up three of the balls of red alpaca I brought with me, the same gorgeous stuff I bought on my first trip down here to Peru. Now that the elbow length cape is done, I was thinking about elbow length gloves, or arm-warmers, in order to make fashion function in the Northwest (down here, an elbow length cape is overkill-it’s almost summer).

As for my other projects, no progress on the second cadet hat; I honestly don’t understand why it takes me so long to finish something as simple as a hat. The socks, I turned the same heel twice on one of the socks, and since I have already (hmm) turned two heels, I felt I deserved a break. And in that break, I hauled out the mohair hoodie for another revamp. Now I think it may become a short sleeve split neck hoodie, because THE SLEEVES were killing me-I couldn’t find a cuff I liked, the yarn is fickle, not me. I put the back of the body on a spare circular, and started working on the front, making it up as I go along (and writing it down, so that the back matches{hopefully}) The mohair leaves scarf is indefinitely on hold, because I can’t find it…lost in the abyss of books and clothing that is my room, or in the hands of some unsuspecting stranger who picked it up on a bus. But for good measure, it will stay in my on the needles section, as homage to MY size 6 needles that are with it.
Yesterday afternoon I went to the local yarn store-for lack of a better name. It really is more of a sewing and embroidery store, but they recently started stocking a selection of crochet cotton, and multicolored acrylic. Finding good yarn involves traveling beyond my little village, and I had to smack my own forehead for nearly purchasing acrylic yarn yesterday-I was thinking quick and cheap gifts, honestly. Does this mean I need to repent at the feet of the Yarn Goddess?
ALSO, last but definitely not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY y Feliz cumpleanos to my top site visitor, and coincidentally, my OLDER sister Jenni! You don’t look a day over 29! Lots of happy knitting to you in this year of change, as you make the conversion from crotch-eter to knitter. LOVE YOU!

p.s. Jenni, what do you think of that brooch pin for the cape? It's the one I was talking about.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

not much knitting...

lately, I´ve been spending more time sewing. You see, as I have found out, not drying your clothes makes them alot bigger, because they aren't been shrunken slowly in the dryer. So, I have been creatively reseaming my clothing to fit a tad better, all while I wait for more clothes to arrive from the states-I just can't bring myself to purchase any of the bejeweled second skin fashion that is available on every corner and in every store. BUT, I have made a bit of progress on the socks-only about an inch or so before I start the heel. Check it out.

Friday, October 26, 2007

have a heart, half a harf

My inability to restrain myself from beginning new projects is starting to turn on me. This was by far the biggest yarn shortage I have experienced-I should have noticed that when I ran out of the first ball of the yarn while still knitting the hood. Last week I excitedly purchased the harf pattern from Spin Cycle Yarns, and ran down the uneven sidewalks to the house to peruse through my yarn selection. MMhhh, the Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes I got from Jimmy Beans Wool looks nice, why not use that. Two skeins should be enough, right? No. No where near enough. I will swallow my pride, however, and share my big mistake with you. Yeah, I can hear you snickering. But, keep your fingers crossed because I just sent an email to JBW to see if they have got anymore of the same color for me-and lets just hope that the international shipping isn't killer, or this project will stay on stitch holders until I am back stateside.

Monday, October 22, 2007

toe-up socks

Just thinking about the fact that I managed to get two projects off the needles in the last week made me itch to cast on more. I know, I know, I just cast on for another of the cadet hats, but I found a pattern for toe up socks on Knitty, and wanted to cut my teeth on something new. So, I whipped out that lovely Panda Cotton that was part of my JBW prize pack, some size1 needles, and started reading the pattern. WHAT? Who has two size 1 circulars in their travel needles collection? Definitely not me. So, I had to do some revamping. I worked a nice little Turkish Cast on to double points, then fudged the sides a tad to be able to follow the increases the pattern calls for. Well, I got to the sixty stitches the pattern called for, and that barely fit over my three middle toes, so I worked in two more rounds of increases on the sides in addition to the increases in the middle. Now I was up 76 stitches, and that looked about right. Time to start the second sock so that one doesn’t feel lonely without her partner. I am feeling very successful right about now, since I managed to knit the beginnings of two socks, as well help Cecie choose a pattern for her first knitting project. Thank goodness I brought the big old binder of patterns, because I happened to have just what she was looking for. Perfect.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

mini-mittens, and more

These were a happenstance project, the product of seeing the yarns snuggled together in a ziploc baggie-not enough of either blues to make the fingerless gloves, so I snuck in some of the grey mohair from the mohair hoodie project. Which, by the way, is back out of the drawer (again) and this morning I cast on for both sleeves. If I am going to take my sweet time finishing this sweater, at least both sleeves will be done at the same time-also prevents me from making huge increase or decrease errors between the two. As soon as I finished the mini-mittens, I immediately cast on for another of the cadet hats, this one burgandy Merino Stretch-I´ve been looking for a project to fit this clearance bin yarn I picked up in Bellingham, and this may be it.
So, here are two photos, because the colors look different against the back grounds. BUT I am conspicuously holding the second mitten, just so you know that it is done.
Pattern:Interweave Knits, Spring 2007, Rib and Cable Mittens
Contrast Blue(edges)Fancy Image Yarns, dk weight
Main Blue(body)Frog Tree Alpaca, sport weight
Grey(top)Cascade Leisure, worsted weight

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

and another one...

I finished another project-this time Pauls socks are off the needles for good, not just so I can borrow the needles for another project. yeah, I know, you can actually see the dustbunnies on the socks-I told you they were greying with age. In anycase, they are done, and I threw in a picture of the finished little baby booties, just for fun. And Mom, don't tell Paul that I had his new socks on my questionably clean feet.

Monday, October 15, 2007

lately, by the way...

Ahh, its been awhile. I have had one of those helter skelter weeks that turns into a long weekend, and this morning as I was sitting downstairs drinking my instant coffee, it dawned on me that I needed to do some updating. Here goes: Paul’s socks-decreasing for the toes on one, the other is somewhere around mid-foot. I cast on for the sleeves {again} of the mohair hoodie, but I’m not sure if I like the two color ribbing that I started with. I whipped out another pair of those cute little booties for I don’t know who, just had barely enough to finish the booties. I started the mohair leaves scarf again, tore out the first ten inches because I didn’t like the way the edges were curling (pattern calls for the entire thing to be done in Stockinette stitch), and I didn’t really like the leaves placement. Now it looks slightly different, with a single column of leaves up the center, and 5 stitch garter borders. My fingers have been itching to start some more socks-that darn Lorna’s Laces is taunting me from the drawer, although I know I need to finish Paul’s socks because they are begin to gray with age (kidding).
I have this sister that wants alpaca yarn for her birthday, so I am considering making a trip to Lima to see what the capital city has to offer-I am not really up for another five hour bus ride up to Cajamarca, and cruising down the Pan American highway for ten hours seemed better, somehow. We’ll see what the family has to say about that, because I think I may be able to get someone to go with me-ten hours with someone you know is better that being uncomfortably close to a perfect stranger who wants to finger your yarn.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

cadet hat, down for the count.

my my I am making progress on that christmas knitting list! Here´s the cadet hat, done, in horrible color because of the flash and red background, but I love it none the less. Cheers to me!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

R.I.P. Francisco Soto

This weekend, I found myself more or less confined to a small house in Chimbote for the wake and funeral of one of the uncles to the family, with my crochet hook and the yet unfinished bobble bag, some size 3 needles, and small balls of leftovers. I couldn’t remember the bobble stitch, and I didn’t have any patterns with me, so I used single crochet to make a back and strap, and turned the bobble bag into a small purse {Christmas present for one of the girls?}. I finished the Hannah hat in the bus on the way to Chimbote, and I used up the left-over purple cotton fleece to knit a drawstring pouch as a gift for the exchange we have in class on Thursday-saves me having to buy a gift, I used up stash yarn, and kept my fingers occupied for a couple of hours. The family welcomed me with open arms, considering the situation, and as the days passed more people realized that I wasn’t so-and-so’s niece, or that-one-cousins wife, and then we started talking about knitting. One of the nearly blind cousins yanked my needles and project right out of my hand to hold it up to her good eye, and then proceeded to purl across the row. Apparently Stockinette stitch is called Jersey stitch (pronounced yer-say), and seed stitch is known as arroz (rice) stitch. Learn something new everyday-and by the time we left yesterday afternoon, at least thirty relatives asked whether or not I had finished my projects-even in a country where people knit while walking down the street there are still some that are intrigued by what you are making.

Friday, October 5, 2007


Only the family would understand that title, but I was laughing to myself yesterday as I finished another hat, because they are all purple. PUR-ple. Maybe I should make one for Grandma Johnson too. In any case, I finished the second PUR-ple hat, and just started on the third. And I have pictures to prove it!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

pictures, as promised

Well, I did it, spent some sols on yarn. The alpaca that was commercially (damn you, blue sky!) available was superfine, but I have aspirations of making socks for my sisters (Ladies, that was not a promise, that was an aspiration. Don’t expect anything when I get back next year!).
I started today on a little hat for one of my nieces (keep you guessing, sisters!) at currently the yarn is knitting up at about 5 stitches per inch, DOUBLED on size 3 needles. This yarn takes superfine to a new level, and it is definitely the finest yarn I have ever used. But it is SOOOOO SOFT! Now I am searching through my current {mini-stash} of sock yarns for complementary heel and toe colors. I am working on Paul’s socks, still, slowly, slowly, sssllllooowwwlllyyyy, the instep on one and the space between heel and instep (what do you call that?) on the other.
I am now officially a member of Ravelry, thank you for the invite, I only hope I can live up to the hype that this site generates!
My/Jenni’s camera is currently going through two double A batteries a day, because the ones available down here are really weak-Just because the package says Duracell doesn’t mean that they actually are. Jenni sent me more batteries from the States, but they have yet to arrive-I am trying to avoid spending more money, which should explain the current lack of pictures-most of my battery power has been reserved for the local sites and happenings.

Okay, this post was started yesterday, but since I didn’t actually post it yesterday, here’s the update: I finished one of the lovely little hats, even sewed in all the ends and double crocheted around the edges to prevent rolling, and started the second hat. Since my sisters probably look at this site more than anyone else, they’ll be able to figure out who I am knitting for. Oh well, all the littlest girlies in the family are going to have similar hats, and the big girls and boys are yet to be started.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Red Scarf, and the ALPACA

Yeah, I finished it. Today, but I can't actually post any pictures until I get back to Guadalupe, since I don´t have the USB cable for my camera. Oh well, trust me, the short little multi-color mohair wonder is off the needles, safely stashed in my duffel bag, under the new stash of alpaca
lime green, turqoise blue, pale purple, dark olive green, 7 sols per 100grams. That works out to roughly $2.35 per 100 grams. Try finding that kind of a deal in the states! Rosie and I had to pester the shop owner for three days straight, since she was reluctant to part with her limited supply, but I was the customer, and I am always right. 49 sols later, I am the proud owner of 700 grams of super fine, super soft fresh from the farm alpaca. Of course, I´ll put up pictures, when I'm done fondling...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rib and Cable Socks

For the record, I finished the socks last night. But it was too late to run to the internet café and share my joy with you-I was content just to tuck them away in my basket of {completed in Peru}. Just so you know, though, the date stamp on the photo is correct, no kidding, my conscience forced me to complete at least one of the projects I posted for you to all see. And I even managed to turn the heel on BOTH of Paul’s socks last night. Cheers to me!!
Pattern: Interweave Spring 2005
Yarn: FancyImageYarns Superwash Fingering Weight Yarn

Today I am hopping on the bus to Cajamarca to check out Los Baños del Inca (Hot Springs where the Incas camped out hundreds of years ago while waiting for the Spaniards to arrive in the town of Cajamarca-Incas 1, Spaniards 0)
I am taking the red scarf and Paul´s socks. They will both be finished by the time I get back on Saturday night (fingers crossed)

Monday, September 24, 2007

On the needles...

I must come to terms with my progress to date. I already know that I have too many projects on needles, but maybe if I post pictures you can all see where I am, and continue to pester me until they are complete. If you are a member of the immediate family/friends circle, I apologize if you are seeing your own Christmas in January present.

1. The rib/cable socks grow by a few rounds everyday, slowly nearing completion. Paul’s black socks honestly just saw the light of day for the first time in I don’t know how long, and I knit six or seven rows of the heel flap just for grins and giggles. At least I am working them both at the same time, to cut down on Second Sock Syndrome.

2. The Red Scarf Project sees the most action right now, since I take it to school with me to knit during recess. The blue & green mohair leaves was an ambitious start, but I’ve only added one row since last week.

3. The grey mohair hoodie, as you can see, has everything from the armpit down. I just ripped out the sleeves that I had started, because I decided I didn’t want a fitted cuff, rather a bell shaped sleeve with some ribbing, possibly.

4. The cadet hat looks fabulous, but I am still trying decide how I want to shape the top-possibly some cables worked in the deep ribbing or something of that sort. Once these decisions are made, the last two projects will once again see some action.
Actually, just writing this gave me some ideas for the sweater-see, I was right-just bringing them out gives them life. If only I could figure out a way to knit all day, and never get tired fingers or back cramps. At least I have Dona Juana and her cousin Flor to ask me daily whether or not the socks are finished, since there is no point to only having one sock (in their 81yr old opinions; they’ve never knit socks before!)
P.S. In the 20 minutes it took this computer to download photos, I added another 15 rows to the red scarf. Speed is not of the essence down here.

Friday, September 21, 2007


It is time for me to learn how to knit in Spanish. I obviously already know how to knit in English, but aside from to knit: tejer the only other word I know is stitch: puntos . Each time I whip out my sock (media) or the red scarf (bufanda) I am making for the Red Scarf Project, I am the recipient of a barrage of questions, to which I can only answer “I am knitting a sock/scarf.” Yo estoy tejiendo una media/bufanda. Part of the problem is that weaving, knitting, and crocheting all count as tejer. And all yarn is referred to as lana. There is no highbrow shops chock full of designer yarns (ironic, I know, considering some of the best yarns come from Peru), and specific varieties aren’t really necessary-I am glad I know the difference between lana de oveja (lambs wool), lana de alpaca (you can figure this one), and lana de acrilico(another obvious translation). Where I live, on the northern central coast of Peru, the majority of the animals are stripped of their fleece and it is immediately shipped south, to places like Arequipa (Blue Sky Alpacas), Pisac(Cascade 220), or further north to Malabrigo( yeah, there’s another town by the same name in Uruguay, both produce lots of yarn). There is plenty of acrylic yarn available in the stores, but most of it is more like crochet thread than yarn-lots of doilies and doll clothing are knit and crocheted around here. So, cheers to me spending more centavos searching the internet for a knitters’ dictionary in Spanish-Doña Juana wants me to translate one of my sock patterns to Spanish (Embossed Leaves-Interweave Knits).

I finished the Messenger Bag, and did a trial run at cold-water machine felting – it didn’t work, even though I had added a teakettle worth of hot water. So today I’ll buy some rubber gloves to protect my freshly manicured fingers (don’t laugh, cinco sols and the manicurist came to the house, all the rest of the mujeres in la familia were doing it, and I didn’t want to be rude), boil more water, and give a go at felting by hand. Also, I turned the heel on the second rib/cable sock, although it doesn’t look exactly like its mate-I think I must have used a different method, and I didn’t write it down.

P.S. Thursday, in between the hour and a half classes at the girls school, I saw two niñas sitting together in the yard knitting. Ahh, it warms my heart.

Monday, September 17, 2007

felting without a machine?

I am nearly finished with the messenger bag, just doing the strap right now, when I realized that the Washing Machine doesn´t have hot water-only agua fria here. So, what then? Use the teakettle and boil water, dump it in the sink and stir for hours? Help, someone, please!
I am currently playing with my mohair collection- I knit about eight inches of a scarf from last summers Vogue Knitting-one they knit in white mohair with different shades of green wool leaves orderly throughout-I am using my own koolaid-dyed dusty green and blue mohair, with peasoup green wool leaves randomly throughout. I am teaching Rosita how to knit, and she wanted to learn how to make a shawl (by the way, it´s the same in Spanish, just pronounced differently), so I am making mine out of red/orange mohair (another KoolAid Dye), and she is using acrilico purchased at the mercado. So, my time is about out here at the internet cafe, pictures forthcoming, I promise (once I figure out my flickr and photobucket accounts!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Washclothes, and pictures.

It dawned on me last night, as I was wiping soap out of my eyes with my TurbiTwist, that I should probably have a washcloth. So I asked Cecilia if there were any washclothes. Any what? was the answer I got. Nevermind, I´ll solve this problem myself rather than try to translate it into Spanish. I think I remember reading a pattern for a washcloth, since I can´t seem to find one at the tables in the market. But can I use Cotton-Ease?, or Cotton Fleece?, which are the only two cottons I brought with me, aside from the manos del uruguay, which is a bit too expensive for facecloths. In anycase, I am spending precious nuevo sols to surf the internet for washcloth patterns that I can copy down longhand into my notebook, because my beautiful house doesn´t have internet and the internet cafe doesn´t have a printer.
Take a look at the little Flickr picture spread right over there--------------------------------->
I added the pink bonnet, and if the rest of my photos finish downloading I can squeeze some pictures of works in progress here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the universal language: yarn

I didn´t do as much knitting on the plane as I had planned, but the first leg of the trip I was quite literally crammed into a window seat alongside a portly gentlemen with a slight tendency to hog the armrest, and periodically elbow me in the ribcage when he adjusted to get the stewardess´s attention. I did however, manage to get a bit done on the second sock (I would insert a picture here, but plugging in my USB card disables the mouse on this computer(?)) I have also finished the body of the messenger bag, and have moved onto the flap-I may actually run out of the two green yarns, so modifications will definately be made. I also knit up an entire baby bonnet, the one from knitting for two(?) by Erika Knight (I think). That quick little project happened because the night I arrived in Guadalupe Peru, Dona Juana was sitting on the couch, crocheting. CROCHET? What happened to knitting with the tejadoras of Peru? In any case, I whipped out my socks, and she promptly began inviting in passerbys to look at the American, knitting. Then she asked to see my yarn. Oh, my yarn. Well, for starters, the duffel bag I used to carry my yarn and binder of patterns was larger than the one I brought with all my clothing, shoes, and toiletries. Almost the entire prize pack from Jimmy Beans Wool, two of those enormous wheels of green, half a dozen skeins of the red alpaca I purchased down here in March, and so on and so forth. Dona saw the pink cotton (algodon) tucked in the bottom of a ziploc bag (left overs from another project, the yarn Jenni and I dyed last year, or the year before), and wanted to see what it looked like, knit. She then browsed through my binder, and saw the bonnet, and the next evening I was binding off the garter stitch ties (to replace the satin ribbon that I probably couldn´t buy down here even if I could say it in Spanish) Yeah, I can whip a bonnet out while sitting on cement benches in the dance hall watching my new amigito Kevin(pronounced Kay-beeen) at marinera dance lessons. All of my yarn is still spread out on one of the living room couches, because when a new friend comes to visit, Dona shows them what the Amerian brought, instead of clothes.
More later, and possibly pictures since Jenni was kind enough to lend me a digital for this trip, and if I can find a computer that doesn´t shut down when I use my USB card.

Monday, September 3, 2007


This is my last in America post for this year, we leave first thing in the a.m. (3) to get to the airport in time for check in. Didn't finish the messenger bag to use as a carry on, but it is still going with me, as are the rib and cable socks and the bobble bag. I didn't want to bring too many needley things on the plane with me, since last March the airline in Peru wouldn't let me have needles during the flight (maybe they'll let the crochet hook through). Adios, the next post will be from South America!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Photo of the Mobius

My darling sister Sarah finally emailed the pictures of our mother wearing her stunning new sweater wrappy-faux-mobius vestish thing. In Moms defense, we were camping at the time of the picture, and the white shirt she is wearing underneath was borrowed directly from the body of my other sister Debbie-not quite Mom's size. She does, however, look fabulous in this color, and I am proud to say that I made it-if only I could find her the perfect undershirt to complement.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

for Ellenem?

my dear, your blog is set to private, so I couldn't reply to your comment on a previous post-the bootie pattern is not my own, but a revision from the natural knits for babies book. Mine were made following the boy version of the pattern, taking out the ankle drawstring, and on the green/brown pair doing everything below the instep in contrast color, then picking up and knitting three stitches from the inside and knitting a strap to go over the top of the foot, securing it in place with a button. very quick to knit - the multi colored ones were knit while I was sitting in traffic on the Broadway Bridge in Portland OR.
Because of copyright laws, I can't reprint the pattern from the book for you. Sorry. But your local library may have a copy. good luck with the booties, melissa

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gift Pack Goodies.....

I wanted to share my goodies (in picture only!), however, I must apologize because I only have my cell phone camera to record images with. There were far more things to photograph, but the process of taking the photo, emailing it to myself, copy the photo to my picture harddrive, and then downloading the photo to post is laborious at the very least. So, without further ado, you are looking at:

2 skeins Rainforest (August 2007) colorway, Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock, JBW exclusive

2 skeins Panda Cotton, Sable colorway

2 skeins Blue Skys Alpaca Chunky hand dyes, blue colorway

2 skeins Manos del Uruguay Cotton, red colorway

one ginormous skein of Trendsetter eyelash in pink/orange (far left edge of photo)

and not pictured:

Ann Norling Perfect Tee Pattern

Blue Sky Alpaca Reversible Hat and Gloves Pattern

Knitting at Knoon Blossom Pattern

Pick-up-sticks Sushi Wallet Kit

Berroco Suede slipper kit in lilac

KnitWhits cat toy kit

Full set of Needles in their own case (CPY)

Mountain Colors tote bag

Super Yummy Smelling Soap (?)

one copy of Interweave Knits Summer 07

and two jolly rancher candies (no joke!)

I haven't yet started knitting with any of the above, but I am bound and determined to finish the Knitting for Peace messenger bag before I leave the country so I can use it as my carry-on luggage.

More later, and many thanks to all the congratulations and well wishes I received!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

pattern link!!

here it is, the LINK of all LINKS-my pattern, published on Jimmy Beans Wool free pattern website.

check it out, you can purchase the yarn directly from the website, and because it will be felted you can take it with you and not even worry about those little mistakes that may sneak in.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Firefly Mobius, COMPLETE

well, if I still had a camera I could show you that I am not lying. . . but please take my word for it, and know that I am more than excited to have this one off the needles. The larger the faux-moby got, the guiltier I felt about not just finishing-it was on size 10.5 needles, why did it take so long? Exactly one month, now that I think about it-I started it on Paul's birthday (july 13) and I finished it today (aug. 13) NOT SO BAD, considering the rib/cable socks for me, plus the socks for Paul's birthday last year are still on needles in my bin of 'needs-some-love-and-appreciation' And, true to my calling, cast on for three 3 three new projects this past weekend {as if any of them will be done anytime soon}

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Dance!!!

I WON!!!!
(insert happy dance here)
I won the Jimmy Beans Wool pattern submission contest! This news is totally 12 hours old, but I've had one of those days, and it nearly slipped my mind to put the good news out on Procrastaknitter-I had to take a study break from my studies to clear my head of linguistic jargon and peruse the pages of JBW to decide what patterns I'll spend my store credit on. (happy dance) I've narrowed it down to just patterns, since there is already so much yarn in the prize pack, and I definately won't have a shortage of yarn in Peru-but I could potentially run out of ideas for knitting. (still doing the happy dance) The pattern will not be available online until next week, but yayYAYyay, my pattern will be online next week. Next stop, the moon!
(happy dance my a** off)
I'd be posting pictures of the happy dance, but unfortunately someone saw fit to enter our little home on Sunday, and stole my brand new camera. My two week love affair is over. And now I have to use even more of my scholarship money to go purchase another camera before I leave in four weeks. Sad.
(but I'm still happy dancing)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

the baby blanket, and booties, and booty cover

the baby blanket~ SUCCESS!! an absolute hit at the baby shower, Maria loved it, hopefully it will be given to the baby when she arrives instead stashed away in moms bed. Also, the booties and booty cover were much admired.
{the pleasure of knitting is well-conceived and well-received gifts!}

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hannah and the Booties.

back to back postings-new record. I am obviously not knitting right now, or doing my homework like I should be.

In any case, Jenni just sent me pictures of lovely little Hannah wearing her mary jane booties and the matching cape, complemented by a crocheted skirt by Jenni-this baby girl was born to model fiber fashion in our family!

Taming the circular needle, part one

During class this afternoon, I had a random inspiration of how to sufficiently pack away my circular needles for the trip to Peru-it had to be something similar to a cd case, portable without any needle tips or cable hanging out. Problem solved.

Yeah, so the ladybugs are a little bit cheesy. But it was a leftover cut and the whole thing cost 25 cents. Well, the binding was another dollar, but for 1.25 and ten minutes on the sewing machine I have a nifty {slightly cheesy} folding circular needle case. This one is only four large pockets, each with enough room to hold about 6 or 7 circs, and the clingy nature of the plastic cover material holds things in place. A thrifty solution, and no more circulars to menace airport security with as potential garrotes.

Seeing as how this was my first attempt, it is only part one. My compulsive tendencies almost guarantee a more improved version at a later date, but don't hold your breath.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

{not} campfire knitting...

This past weekend was supposed to be another camping trip, but that was thwarted by the over abundance of tourists to our great state, who actually plan camping trips months in advance AND make reservations. I was thinking of sitting around the campfire, needles in hand, maybe even finish the blanket for Maria's baby this weekend. Alas, no luck. I did get to see friends I haven't seen in awhile, and spend time with my dad and siblings, but not much knitting has gone on. Maybe 1/4 of the blanket is done.

This picture is actually more of my sister than of me, but I am in the background knitting the firefly mobius. (Camping, Fort Worden, two weekends ago)

goodbye to Marilyn

yeah, another of my favorite yarn stores is going out of business. Sadness. I probably wouldn't have ever attempted to knit a sock if it hadn't been for Marilyn, but rising rent kills yet another small business.

Moment of silence for Marilyn's yarn.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

two left feet and a big bottom

Unless Hannah has two left feet, only one of the green maryjanes is completely done. I was watching a movie last night as I made the straps and ties, then sewed them onto the completed booties. The same way, twice. Now both are left booties. But very cute none the less.

As for the diaper cover, it is done, although I am making an i-cord tie in place of the ribbon the pattern called for, since it is nearly impossible to match these colors. {perhaps that is why they suggest doing the entire thing in pink or white?} Babies don't near more pink, they need less. AND furthermore, I don't have children, so there is a particular phenomenon that escapes me everytime I knit anything for the bottom half of a baby-they have enormous bums once encased in a diaper!! The cover looks huge!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

the booty cover

Who says all babies have to wear pastel? Why not bright purpley-blue and olive green?

these are the baby bloomers I started yesterday (brown sheep cotton fleece, something Linea(?) ) I love them. Can't wait to finish them.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Portland, Eugene, and In Between

On Friday, I was supposed to go to Seattle. But I didn't.

I did, however, head in the other direction entirely and wound up in Portland. (there was a tentative plan for a weekend in Eugene, so why not start a day early and spend some time in Portland at my favorite lys?)

Sadly, I arrived at Lint the first day of their going out of business sale. WHAT? I need to come to portland more often. How am I supposed to stalk Leigh Radford at her fave lys if the lys no longer exists?

So I bought yarn, enough to make the cutey blanket from Welcome to Knit Cafe for Maria's baby-to-be. I kid you not, this baby had better be a girl.
Now, I am in Eugene whiling away the day while all my friends down here are working(oh yeah,this is why I wasn't supposed to leave Washington until today) Thank goodness for the wonderful Horizons yarn store, and the Knit Shop too. bought a few {clearance} patterns at the first, and some more yarn at the second (baby bloomers in waiting). The one redeeming thing about my wicked hangover from last nights revelries? - I had a perfectly acceptable reason to join the transients sleeping in the park. Which I did. Blissfully.

Friday, July 20, 2007

the booty

this post is exclusively for jenni-this is the bootie made from hannahs yarn.

yes, I know that my title is not traditional spelling-I was referencing the Tribe called Quest song.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I emailed my super secret pattern to jimmybeanswool (wish me luck) I had some issues with attaching photographs, and as you can see here I have problems when it comes to inserting photos and text together. It is beautiful, you can be sure. And it will be wonderful if my pattern is selected, all those fabulous winner goodies to pack in my luggage....possibilities, projects

pictures as promised

firefly mobius

some of these were completed forever ago, some are a little bit newer, and some are obviously still on the needles. In any case, I promised to share them~enjoy!

One Skein bag, done in recycled sari silk

Blue hat, my hand dyed

Orange hat, Trendsetter Zucca

Green Rasta hat, unidentified green wool

Also, I squeezed in a pic of my label(isn't it cute?)