Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Friends,
How are you doing? It has been awhile so I've last written to you, but such is life these days. First and foremost, may I offer my deepest condolences for falling into an annonymous world of bloggers that never update- who wants to follow a starving feed? In the past two months, I have lost a family member, suffered through two ear infections with Sureya, cut off my internet at home because daycare, and not Netflix, is a necessity. Sureya started walking, and then turned one,is now beginning the joys of teething, and has been the only recipient of anything knit during this hiatus. (see the picture at the top? that is how life is right now- a blur with a smile in the middle)I am still working full time, and keeping up with housework has been tiring- I actually turned off the kitchen light the other night, saying something like "if I can't see them, then the dishes must not be there". Toddler logic I know, but it worked while I was sleeping.

On Small Business Saturday I went to my favorite yarn store in Shelton, Fancy Image Yarn, and picked up a baby legs kit, with a bonus Christmas hat kit gifted to us by dear Myra. I knit the baby legs kit into a hat that Sureya will receive at Christmas, and the Christmas hat was given to her for her birthday.
I have started and frogged two mittens for her as well, because after a chilling trip to the zoo for her birthday I realized that the little acrylic mittens she has DO NOT keep her fingers warm at all- thank goodness she was tucked into a stroller with wool blankets to keep her cozy. The mittens are a striped combination of leftover Malabrigo sock and leftover Fancy Image fingering, in a color combination I wouldn't normally use but sweet none the less. I did manage to pair up some knits- Sureya's knit sweater with her knit pumpkin hat- when we went to the pumpkin patch with her daycare(it was all of course covered with her rainjacket and hood, so no one but me knew it was there)

I am going to attempt to put in some pictures now, but all of this is being done from my smartphone and may not be very easy. (I am totally stealing wifi at my moms house now, so I can actually use my laptop)

Well friends, that concludes my pathetic attempt to make up for being completely absent for 2+ months....

PS- I made new stockings for Sureya and I so that we would have a matched pair