Friday, December 8, 2006

Stocking part two

Here it is, in all its glory! The finished stocking took two runs through the wash cycle on my machine, and may actually be a little too felted, but beautiful none the less. I am extremely pleased with the finished work, and may actually make a few more, next year..... Now all it needs is some knifty stuffings, provided by the family( hint, hint)

christmas stocking, part one

The Christmas stocking, a hallmark of the controversial celebration that I choose to partake in, is now available in technocolor yarn. The pattern was from a holiday knits book, but it called for 3 skeins of a certain Japanese yarn that was a little out of the holiday budget~I substituted with some Patons wool purchased at the local arts and crafts store, plus added a contrasting heel and toe. The entire thing took a total of 6 hours to knit, and it's in the washer as I write. Yeah!, no more childish storebought stockings for me! (P.S. the picture was taken with my camera phone, so the color quality is a little lacking) but the ruler is 12 inches for comparison after felting. Total Cost: 8 dollars