Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

I stole some moments from my work schedule to post this-I am not done with my Christmas knitting. Christmas is in less than four hours, and I have two unfinished mittens on my hands, half a hat, and the worlds shortest scarf. Maybe next year? Maybe fake sick from family festivities tomorrow, and finish projects? I did whip out an impressive couple of hats already, but this hat is schooling me like nobody's business. In any case, now that my fingers have danced on the keyboard for two minutes, they are ready to return to gripping the needles-Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night (of knitting)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas in Port Orchard

on Friday, December 4th my sister and I set up a table full of our knit and crochet projects to sell during their annual holiday bazaar at the Festival of Chimes and Lights . Granted, on a Friday morning there are not many shoppers clamoring to get buy knit mittens, but it was nice to meet so many other crafters and see what they had created....I saw a few things I could probably make myself! Anything that doesn't sell will probably become Christmas gifts....or I could commit myself to photographing and listing on my Etsy page. Tomorrow marks one year as a member, and I have not listed one stinking thing! Sooner or later, someone will pick up on my hints that I need a new digital camera so I can actually photography and download immediately, not photography, develop, copy to cd, dowload to computer, then use. steps, paso a paso!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

back on the stateside of things..

Yeah, working on back into a working schedule leaves me little time for much else. While in Peru I cleaned out a central market stall of their Indiecita baby alpaca DK yarn in deep eggplant-y purple, at an amazing price (9 nuevo soles, approximately 3 US dollars) Finished knitting a baby kimono for Fumi's babygirl to be, the rest will be saved for something for me...
Also picked up more laceweight alpaca, without labels but amazing for socks of every size as long as its doubled (this was a ridiculously well priced 100 grams for about 25 soles/8.5 US dollars)
I loved gifting some of the knits I had made for the family, and my grandpa went out on a limb and even purchased himself a hat while hanging out with the animals during one of our daily Cusco hikes.

check out the flickr badge for pictures of the most recent knits....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

oh yeah!

wow. totally forgot. I am leaving for Peru in one week. My grandpa and I will go to Machu Picchu, Huanchaco, ChanChan, and every fiber farm we find down there that hasn't been cleaned out by one of the big names (Cascade, ahem)
seriously, one more week, then 17 days of fibery bliss...

The return of the dress

I just got my little baby dress back from Teresa of Diva Yarn, the one that I sent to the Jefferson County Fair and that was later moved onto the Puyallup Fair. Apparently, my dress was good enough for a blue ribbon at Jefferson, and I got back a scorecard of 84% from Puyallup. WHat? Sad. well, now that I have tasted sweet blue ribbon, I will knit earnestly (hardly) until next year, and then knock their socks off. Because I can!
In other knits, I finished Jeremiah's football season hat-red and black for the team colors, and with his name so that no one can steal this one.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fiber Farm Tour

Thank goodness for good friends-today I happened to have plans to come home to Port Townsend. On the way, I decided to call my bestest best friend Corinne-whom promptly asked where I was between my house and hers-almost to the Hood Canal Bridge, I say, Why?-Stop at the farm on Beaver Valley Road, somewhere near the Egg and I-Whats going on at the farm? I ask-The WSU Jefferson County Farm Tour is going on, and this year they added Fiber Farms to their map!-Yay!, I think to myself and say to Corinne, groan says my wallet.........
Oh, as soon as I have a picture I will show you, but I bought some LUVLY natural white handspun wool at Spring Hill Farms, directly from the darling old spinner-Kudos to the diehards who never let the farmsdie!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Done with the Noro, onto other older projects.

Okay, the scarf is done, I didn't need it right away but I had to make it so that I could say that it was done. You understand. Now for that heel and foot of one last sock, for that cuff on the second sleeve, for the sewing together on the cardigan-all the small things that get pushed aside. Not that Joey will die without a pair of my handknit socks, but his birthday was last month. Not that the weather has cooled off so much that I need the sweaters, but they have overstayed their welcome in the matching blue project baskets.
And on the other hand, I did just start a hat last night, intending to gift it to the husband today for his birthday, but instead I am writing about it instead of knitting...

Sunday, September 13, 2009



knitting in traffic

I've been doing lots of knitting, but not lots of blogging. You know how it goes. I recently whipped out a coffee cup cozy and a bird, as gifts for co-workers. The overdress(ed) pattern is finally available (see below). The baby dress I knit won first place at the Jefferson County Fair here in Washington, and is now going to be displayed at Puyallup Fair, to a much larger audience. Definately excited about that one!
I have been working on the Noro Striped Scarf from jared floods website, and that is my reigning knitting in traffic project. Two colors, switched every two rows, I can knit and purl my way through every red light and lookie-loo backup on Interstate 5.....
more another day

Monday, July 27, 2009

Two of the most recently finished, a crab and a dress. The dress was made from the leftover cotton I had used to make the fern tee, but because no self-respecting two year old girl would wear taupe, I dyed the entire thing with one box each of black and purple RIT dye, ending with a very deep eggplant. The ribbon is a leftover fuschia velvet that I had used to edge a purse long ago, and there was just enough to go around and still leave 6 inch tails. This picture is showing the back of the dress, where the feather and fan pattern is repeated on the back/shoulders. The front is a plain v-neck stockinette stitch (for modesty), and the whole shebang is a mini version of the overdress(ed) pattern. As soon as I have a picture of Hannah wearing the dress, I will post it! promises.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

overdress(ed) pattern!

Realize that this dress was knit for me, but because I love it so much I needed to share it-you can use this pattern as a guide for yourself, and enjoy creating something uniquely you.

size 18/20 (with instructions for modifying)
Yarn: Patons Lacette 4 skeins, with about half a skein left over. This yarn is discontinued, but can currently still be found at JoAnns craft stores, Michaels craft stores, and Big Lots clearance stores.
US 10½ / 6.5 mm, 29" circular and 1 set double point needles
US 13 / 9.0 mm, 29" circular
stitch holders, or spare circular needles, darning needle, and something to wear underneath this lacy little number...

Feather and Fan Stitch in the Round (from Gaby Monson )
Round 1 and 2: Knit around
Round 3: *K2tog 3 times, (yo, k1)6 times, k2tog 3 times. Repeat from * around to beginning marker.
Round 4: Knit around

Gauge: approx 3.5 stitches per 1 inch, but the yarn is stretchy.
Size: finished measurements (lots of stretch, people)
I have a 42 inch chest, a 38 inch waist, and my butt/thighs are probably 48, but my mother put in on and it fit her as well. She is a 36 inch chest, a 36 inch waist, and a 40 inch butt/thighs. Use your imagination, or just modify the number of pattern repeats you cast on in the beginning-remove or add stitches in groups of 18.

Start Here:
With the size 13 needles, cast on 144 stitches LOOSELY (I used the e-wrap/backward loop cast-on)
Knit one row, placing a marker every 18 stitches, then place final marker and JOIN stiches, doing the usual check to make sure nothing is twisted, etc. etc.
Begin Feather and Fan pattern on Round 2, and work six repeats of the 4 round pattern, work will measure approximately 12 inches.
Switch to stockinette stitch (knit every round) and knit until work is approximately 15 inches from high point on bottom scallops, switch to size 10 1/2 needle, and continue until dress is the length you would like up to your chest.
Eyelet Round-*Knit 7, Knit2together, yarnover. Repeat * from until end
Knit 3 Rounds Stockinette stitch, then begin Feather and Fan pattern again
Complete 7 repeats of the 4 round pattern, then knit one round
Get ready for some serious binding off, LOOSELY, and grab those stitch holders.
Bind Off 18 stiches for the Back, K 18 stiches for Left Back Strap and move to holder, Bind Off 18 stiches for the Underarm, K 18 stiches for the Left Front Strap and move to holder, Bind Off 36 stitches for the Front of the dress, K18 stitches for the Right Front Strap and move to holder, Bind off 18 stitches for the Underarm, K18 stiches for the Right Back Strap and turn (we will work the straps individually now)
P2tog 3 times,(p1 yo)6 times, p2tog 3 times
Knit 1 row
P2tog, P14, P2tog
Knit 1 row
P2tog 3 times, (p1 yo) 4 times, p2tog 3 times
Knit 1 row
P2tog, P10, P2tog
Knit 1 row
P2tog 6 times
move these 6 stitches and about 24" of tail yarn to a stitch holder, and rejoin working yarn to the next set of strap stitches with right side facing.
K2tog 3 times, (k1 yo) 6 times, K2tog 3 times
Purl 1 row
K2tog, K14, K2tog
Purl 1 row
K2tog 3 times, (k1 yo) 4 times, K2tog 3 times
Purl 1 row
K2tog, K10, K2tog
Purl 1 row
K2tog 6 times
move these six stitches and about 24" of tail yarn to a stitch holder, and repeat this sequence for remaining two straps.

You will now have four straps with long tails-work 6 stitch i-cord on front straps until strap is long enough to meet the corresponding back 6 stitch strap-join with kitchener stitch. I played with mine, tried the straps straight, decided I liked the look of crossed in the back better-knitters choice!

Now, make a 4 stitch i-cord long enough to go around your midriff, through the eyelet row, and tie in the front (or back).

Wear it over your pajamas as you dance around the house, then find something much sexier to put underneath for the real unveiling!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

(over)dressed is on its way!

In case someone actually was following my infrequent blogging posts, I wanted to let the world know that my pattern for (over)dressed is being edited to publish-the sizing will be limited because I just tried to confuse you by making you think there was an editor involved, and not just me trying to make sense of the scrawl in my coffee ringed knitting knotebook.
I figure that if you bring down the needle sizes, you will make be able to make the dress smaller than me-size (18-20). There is lots of stretch to the pattern and the yarn, so sizing could be fairly universal-my mom put it on and it looked just as lovely, she is a 12-14.
okay. just so you know. In case you were waiting, it is coming!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

knitting across the ages

Yesterday, my sister invited me to come to her work and share some of my knits. She is the activities coordinator for a retirement community, so I was a bit hesitant-why would these ladies, most likely accomplished knitters in their lifetime, care what I have on {and off} my needles?
The worries were unnecessary-they were ECSTATIC to see a young-ish knitter using creativity to invent projects that were tailor made for the recipient. They claimed to be the faithful of strict pattern knitting, and many had even been war-era knitters that cast on many socks and sweaters for the cause
The yarns that I am using, that I have used in my six+ years of knitting, were amazing to them-apparently multicolored sock yarns that feel like butter (socks that rock) and self-striping (Noro) yarns were not around when most of the ladies were in their 'knitting prime' (sadly, many of them can no longer hold needles or manipulate their fingers successfully).
Some of the women even scooted back to their personal rooms to drag out clothing and afghans that they had knit when they were still able. My thirty minute "sharing session" turned into an hour and a half knitting centered conversation.
once again, knitters unite!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Earth Day project!

Global Ball

Here's a quickie project for stashed yarn, the Earth is meant to be shared on any day, I just happened to make this one up on EARTH DAY!

Yarns: Stashed is best to bust! I used two light DK weight yarns doubled, and Antarctica and Greenland were embroidered using Patons Brilliant silver yarn. The remaining continents and countries were embroidered using Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn, and the oceans were a handspun farm-purchased wool from my travels in Peru.
Needles: size 6 (set of five double point needles)
Other Necessary Notions: tapestry needle, scissors, fiberfill stuffing, a world map ( Google) and patience.
Gauge: not that important, but should be tight enough that stuffing doesn't poke out.

Knit the world- Cast on 42 stitches using whatever color will become your oceans, evenly distributing the stitches onto three needles (14,14,14) before joining. Knit ten rounds.
Begin decreases:
*K5,K2tog; repeat from * around (36 stitches)
Knit one round
*K4,K2tog; repeat from * around (30 stitches)
Knit one round
*K3,K2tog; repeat from * around (24 stitches)
Knit one round
*K2,K2tog; repeat from * around (18 stitches)
Knit one round
*K1,K2tog; repeat from * around (12 stitches)
Knit one round
K2tog all the way around (6 stitches)
cut yarn and thread through remaining 6 stitches, gather up on inside and fasten. (It looks like a very small hat at this point)

This is where I began embroidering, beginning with Antarctica and working my way north-you will want to start at the bottom, and use your judgment for placing the continents. If you can think spatially of the three needles as three sections, one is for South and North America, the second is for Africa and Europe, the third is for Australia and Asia.

Once you have finished embroidering the lower/Southern hemisphere continents, start at the cast on edge, pick up and knit 42 stitches. Knit 10 rounds
Continue embroidering as you go, because once you begin the decreases it becomes harder to fit your hand and the darning needle into the opening.Also, this is the best time to stuff your world with the fiberfill, and continue rounding off the top as you decrease.
Begin decreases:
*K5,K2tog; repeat from * around (36 stitches)
Knit one round
*K4,K2tog; repeat from * around (30 stitches)
Knit one round
*K3,K2tog; repeat from * around (24 stitches)
Knit one round
*K2,K2tog; repeat from * around (18 stitches)
Knit one round
*K1,K2tog; repeat from * around (12 stitches)
Knit one round
K2tog all the way around (6 stitches)
cut yarn and thread through remaining 6 stitches, gather up on inside and fasten.

Enjoy your world, cherish our world!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sad! but then not so bad

After writing that post yesterday, I went to the Borders Cafe and saw not one solitary soul knitting in plain view. Maybe the shy ones were hiding in corners, but last weeks' table was empty and there was not a stitch in sight. After all that waxing poetic, and the group up and abandons me. Thats okay, however, because I decided to go to Value Village for miscellaneous fabrics, and found a complete skein of Trekking XXL in blue and gray for 2.99. Thats about twelve dollars off the price marked on the little sticker on the ball band! Luck was with me, at least in the buying department. Cast on immediately for a pair of socks for Marissa's birthday, she really liked the flip flop TMNT socks I made for Deb. se la vie; que sera, sera.

Monday, March 23, 2009

new knitting news

Last Monday I finally made it to one of the many local knit nites that abound in Olympia, and chanced to meet some lovely ladies in the most eclectic assortment of characters. They opened their yarn-tangled arms and welcomed me right in, where I immediately began coveting the yarn of the lady seated across from me, a fantastic Estonian yarn with long color runs that I can't remember the name of right now. I meekly shared the Fish Hat I am currently working on as a fantastic 10-year-olds version of a chemo cap, and guess what? I am going back tonight, because I can indulge my obsession while appearing sociable, and I don't even have to speak Spanish while doing so. Yeah, that works for me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dedicated to my grandmother

apologies for the lack of new knits, I took some time off from everything to focus on my family. That sounds very Dr. James Dobson, but seriously. My grandmother recently passed away from pneumonia, and everything else just kind of stood still. I realized while at her funeral that I didn't know that much about her past, but she was an amazing person. AMAZING.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

knit lately?

For Christmas, my dearest Carrie sent a gift card to me, for Canvas Works here in Oly. As soon as I walked in the store, I knew that whatever I was making would be for me, and that I would need it to be significant enough that I used it A LOT,but easy enough that I would finish within a month.
Enter: Cascade Eco Wool, shade 8020, dark russet-y brown {2 giant skeins}, and a little pattern from glampyre for a top-down raglan sweater. I have never knit a sweater for myself (too many skeins, and thats too expensive, hmm?)