Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sad! but then not so bad

After writing that post yesterday, I went to the Borders Cafe and saw not one solitary soul knitting in plain view. Maybe the shy ones were hiding in corners, but last weeks' table was empty and there was not a stitch in sight. After all that waxing poetic, and the group up and abandons me. Thats okay, however, because I decided to go to Value Village for miscellaneous fabrics, and found a complete skein of Trekking XXL in blue and gray for 2.99. Thats about twelve dollars off the price marked on the little sticker on the ball band! Luck was with me, at least in the buying department. Cast on immediately for a pair of socks for Marissa's birthday, she really liked the flip flop TMNT socks I made for Deb. se la vie; que sera, sera.

Monday, March 23, 2009

new knitting news

Last Monday I finally made it to one of the many local knit nites that abound in Olympia, and chanced to meet some lovely ladies in the most eclectic assortment of characters. They opened their yarn-tangled arms and welcomed me right in, where I immediately began coveting the yarn of the lady seated across from me, a fantastic Estonian yarn with long color runs that I can't remember the name of right now. I meekly shared the Fish Hat I am currently working on as a fantastic 10-year-olds version of a chemo cap, and guess what? I am going back tonight, because I can indulge my obsession while appearing sociable, and I don't even have to speak Spanish while doing so. Yeah, that works for me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dedicated to my grandmother

apologies for the lack of new knits, I took some time off from everything to focus on my family. That sounds very Dr. James Dobson, but seriously. My grandmother recently passed away from pneumonia, and everything else just kind of stood still. I realized while at her funeral that I didn't know that much about her past, but she was an amazing person. AMAZING.