Wednesday, July 25, 2007

two left feet and a big bottom

Unless Hannah has two left feet, only one of the green maryjanes is completely done. I was watching a movie last night as I made the straps and ties, then sewed them onto the completed booties. The same way, twice. Now both are left booties. But very cute none the less.

As for the diaper cover, it is done, although I am making an i-cord tie in place of the ribbon the pattern called for, since it is nearly impossible to match these colors. {perhaps that is why they suggest doing the entire thing in pink or white?} Babies don't near more pink, they need less. AND furthermore, I don't have children, so there is a particular phenomenon that escapes me everytime I knit anything for the bottom half of a baby-they have enormous bums once encased in a diaper!! The cover looks huge!!!


Jenni said...

Hannah has a pink onesie that says "Does this diaper make my butt look big"! I think perhaps that even at a young age our butts are bigger than we want to admit!

Laurdania said...

i love these little baby booties. (or the one thats done :P) this is my favorite ones of all ive seen online and all the patterns ive bought. Is this pattern for free? or where may i purchase it at?