Tuesday, March 25, 2008

new house and soap socks

I finally found a house! No more sleeping on couches or floors, no more feeling out of sorts as bathe in someone elses' shower, or put my soymilk in their refrigerator. With that being said, I haven't made too much progress on any of my knitting projects. Wait, scratch that. I joined the two toe sections on my second toe sock, and completed about an inch of knitting-and knit a couple of these funny little soap socks. It is not an entirely original idea, but the yarn and needles were available while I was at work teaching residents how to knit garter stitch-if you'd like the pattern, here it is:

Mission Falls 1824 Cotton
size 4 or 5 dpns, set of 4 (I used both, one stretches out a bit more when wet)
4 stitch markers
darning needle to sew in the ends

CO 26 stitches using long tail method (for sewing up opening later) Join
*K4, pm, K9,pm; repeat once from *. You shouldn't need to place last marker-this is where the tail hangs down.
K three rounds, slipping markers as you come to them
next round: K to marker, make one stitch, slip marker, repeat at every marker.
next round: K to newly made stitch, slip this stitch, repeat at every marker.
next round: K all stitches
next round: *P4,slip corner stitch before marker,P9,slip corner stitch; repeat from *
Repeat last two rows 22 more times, 12 garter ridges total.
this creates the slipped edge stitch that gives the sock rigid corners, and alternating purl and knit rows creates the garter stitch when knitting in the round
go back to knitting every round, mainting the slipped stitches every other round for 6 more rounds.
next round:{K1,K2tog,YO} to last two stitches, K2
K 2 rounds even, then BO. Sew up opening at bottom using CO tail, and sew in any ends left from color changes and BO
make an i-cord 8 inches long and run through eyelet row, or purchase cord/ribbon.

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