Tuesday, January 18, 2011

that one day, when I lost a tooth and knit a sock...

so, the socks are finally done. So is my 30 year relationship with my baby tooth that the dentist decided was long overdue for removal. Thanks to extensive time in the waiting room yesterday, and then the residual effect of anesthesia making me useless in all other aspects of active life, I managed to finish knitting the socks that I started before Christmas. I used Jarbo Garn Raggi in color 1550, a basic top down short row heel pattern with stumpy toe because I lost track of my round count as soon as I started. I started with 48 stitches on size 6 needles, and hope that they fit. Here, take a look:
Also, this was not supposed to be shared until later, but I finished mom's birthday present:
If you promise not to tell her what it is, I promise to post the pattern on February 6th! For shopping purposes, you will need to gather a size 8 16"circular needle, one skein of Blue Sky Alpaca Silk and one skein of Fancy Image Limited Edition Sparkling Kid Mohair. Now, wait a few weeks and you will get to see it all!
On a side note, my curiosity has finally got the best of me and I started knitting two socks at a time on a circular needle-so far it is barely big enough for two toes, but I can see the benefit to knitting quickly... I found the pattern here, and am using Serenity Sock Yarn in colorway Teal Tease.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

and another one!

Here's the Lion Brand Amazing "Arcadia" version of the convertible cowl. I finished last night and wore it to work today-already one coworker wants to learn the pattern!

And here's my attempt at an artistic shot of my new yarn swift, with the yarn for mom's birthday present. These pictures were taken at night without a flash, so the blur is because I had to hold the camera as still as possible....

I am going to knit using both yarns at the same time for a soft-fuzzy-sparkly blend, but in case you were wondering the yarns are Blue Sky "Alpaca Silk" in Wisteria, and Fancy Image "Limited Edition Sparkling Kid Mohair" Dyelot N173.

Monday, January 10, 2011

oops, forgot to mention....

Yesterday I gave my aunt Joyce her first knitting lesson! My Nanny Ruby, her mother, was a consistent knitter and when she passed away I was the one who inherited all the long aluminum needles that she used to keep aunt Joyce awake, with her peristent clickety-click-clickety-click. It was an honor to find another person in the family who wants to learn, and with all of her jet-setting-job-time spent in airports, airplanes, and hotels I think she will catch on quickly. I recommended my favorite beginner books (Stich n Bitch, One Skein), yarns (Universal, Fancy Image, Patons) and we knit garter swatches so she could practice casting on, knitting, and binding off. She kept both swatches so that she could have the visual reminder, and I anticipate receiving a long garter scarf next Christmas! (hint, hint)
I also used my crazy running around time on Saturday, between helping my sisters' family move and attending my nephews' basketball game, to run over to Churchmouse Tea and Yarn so that I could use my yarn bucks certificate to get some yardage for mom's upcoming birthday present. Pictures forthcoming, after February 6th, of course!

crocheted cowl...and then the doll

I made myself a little something. It's crocheted, and utterly easy even for a beginning crocheter like myself-I actually have already started on the next one! This is my new accessory of choice, since winter in the Northwest can't decide if it wants to get started, or be over with and I am tired of picking my scarf fringes out of my zipper. Here's the pattern. Mine was made from Bernat Mosaic in color Ninja, and the next one is being worked with Lion Brand Amazing in color Arcadia.

I also finished that reversible Cinderella doll I had been working on for Akira-it turned out so cute that I wish there was more princesses with multiple personalities so that I could knit them, too!

and then here's another nephew,Levi, sporting his green striped Christmas hat-they all turned out so darn cute!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

hat, hat, who's got the hat?

some of the family....

...modeling their Christmas hats!!!
(okay, so it's only three of Jenni's kids and Dad, but at least it's a start)