Monday, February 25, 2008

oh yeah

and here is what the tights look like right now, with the leggies joined together...

(thats lots of ribbing from the upper thigh on into the panty part, to make them stretchy enough for diapers, but not too baggy for panties)

and here's the new yarn that I picked up from Myra at Fancy Image

and promptly cast on to become the Odessa hat from Grumperina, as provided by MagKnits.

Plus my latest endeavor: I picked up this fleece turtleneck from OldNavy a couple of weeks ago, 3.97, and wore it exactly once-before I realized that I am not much of a turtleneck sort of girl. So I am going to use this lovely Noro, my scissors, a crochet hook and some knitting needles, and about 2000 brain cells to somehow create a funky-yet-fabulous jacket. Wish me luck!!


long long time ago, when i was young-scratch that-awhile back I was knitting a green messenger bag, and ran into some technical difficulties with the felting process-whatever should I do? well, the procrastaknitter that I am won out on that one, and up until last week that partially felted monstrosity was tied up in a plastic bag, smelling to high heaven and awaiting the journey north of the equator, to a place where washing machines were connected to hot water..................
and ta-da! a star is born! I love this bag, it is the perfect size for my many weekend trips down to Olympia-although right now it is back on the finishing board-because it needs a zipper to inhibit the insides from falling by the way side-but perfect none the less, and lots of compliments to appease its/my ego.

And another felting project, the second of the lovely Leigh Radford's felted laptop cases (Jenni has my original)-but I finally added some felted straps to this one because although I no longer own a laptop, I have a case for the next one.

So nothing too mind-blowing, but I am so happy to have these two projects felted and done that I am almost willing to go clean out my parents wool logged washing machine waterlines. but I did say almost

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tights have TWO legs!!!

Tights in Spanish is media-panties (media=socks, panties=panties, entonces, mediapanties), which quite frankly makes a far sight more sense than tights-they are socks connected to underwear, after all...
Not to digress, but that was just pointed out to me this morning, as I was joining the two legs together. Yes, I wrote joining-I might actually have these done by Rhapsody's birthday on Wednesday! Once I finish with the awkard rounds just after the join, I will take a picture or two for you.
I also ran by Fancy Image on Friday night, as I was making a quick run to work in Olympia. Myra was cloistered in the corner downstairs, labelling and tagging new colorways, and I snagged a discounted skein of my favorite colorway (one little part of the skein was slightly un-plied, no me importa) That will eventually become the Koolhass Hat (if I gauge it correctly), and I also scouted out some potential future baby clothes for little miss Akira Rayne (yes, another sibling is having another baby, this one belonging to my brother Jared and his wifey)
So, pictures forthcoming, as always.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rhapsody's tights, among other things....

So, I have been obsessed with getting thesse tights perfect PERFECT PERFECT, so they don't do that characteristic tight thing-you know, how on all babies and toddlers the crotch seems to fall somewhere between the knees and the diaper? In any case, I measured and remeasured the length and circumference of five points on Rhapsody's leg, but somehow, after the first leg was off the needle and I was well onto the second leg, I realized that the first leg wasn't quite long enough. Is that from the fabric not stretching up because it was stretched around, or is that because one of her legs is significantly different than the other? Of course its the first reason, but I hate to admit my mistakes.....but heres the pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. And just for the record-the feet do fit, even though in that picture it looks like the toe is flopped over-she was curling her toes and it created the flap effect. I have exactly eight days to get things straightened out, before I can go back to working on other things, like spending my earned store credit at Diva Yarn, maybe to get the yarn to make the Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood?
And by the way, I am still wholly addicted to Ravelry-my god, everyone is on there!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have been knitting, but somehow getting that ravelry log-in figured out has stolen my time-do you know how many knitters are on that site?!? I am sucked in to the number of knitters working on the same projects as me, and curious about what yarns they used, what they thought about things, etc. etc. I feel incomplete as I covet others stashes, and look at their well-rounded project lists, or peruse their libraries-is it still breaking one of the ten commandments if I want my INTERNET neighbors belongings?
Well, downloading pictures is also on my to-do list, so once I find my USB stick I will get right on it-being a roaming gnome with a broke-down laptop means I have to save everything to the USB, or leave my pics and things on some family members PC.