Saturday, July 21, 2007

Portland, Eugene, and In Between

On Friday, I was supposed to go to Seattle. But I didn't.

I did, however, head in the other direction entirely and wound up in Portland. (there was a tentative plan for a weekend in Eugene, so why not start a day early and spend some time in Portland at my favorite lys?)

Sadly, I arrived at Lint the first day of their going out of business sale. WHAT? I need to come to portland more often. How am I supposed to stalk Leigh Radford at her fave lys if the lys no longer exists?

So I bought yarn, enough to make the cutey blanket from Welcome to Knit Cafe for Maria's baby-to-be. I kid you not, this baby had better be a girl.
Now, I am in Eugene whiling away the day while all my friends down here are working(oh yeah,this is why I wasn't supposed to leave Washington until today) Thank goodness for the wonderful Horizons yarn store, and the Knit Shop too. bought a few {clearance} patterns at the first, and some more yarn at the second (baby bloomers in waiting). The one redeeming thing about my wicked hangover from last nights revelries? - I had a perfectly acceptable reason to join the transients sleeping in the park. Which I did. Blissfully.

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