Monday, August 6, 2012

Good Morning! It's been awhile, summer finally arrived in Washington and all of my free daylight time is taken up with baby, work, and playing outside, and then when I'm inside it's diaper washing, making baby food, and play. I have made nearly zero progress on the Citron shawlette in the past month, but I have knit one and a half teddy bears and an entire blanket (that I just frogged last night). I pointed out to a friend that I have not taken pictures of anything lately, except my daughter doing exceptional cute things 200 times a day. In fact, I pulled out my old SLR just last night, to find that the batteries were dead and I can't remember the last time I used it, nor can I recall what is on the full roll of film that is in the bottom of the camera bag. I love mystery developing! My best guess is Christmas 2010...
Wait, I lie. I totally finished the scrap scarf and spent two days sewing in all the ends-80+ in total! I also collected up many of the things I knit without having a plan for who they would be gifted to, with the intention of photographing them and listing them on Etsy. It's time for me to downsize and reassess my yarn/knit collection because Sureya is completely mobile and LOVES pulling yarn out of the boxes that are in her room. In the time it takes me to put away her laundry, she can completely tangle two bins of yarn and WIPs that are stored in photo boxes on her bookshelves.
Because I don't have any other pictures to share, here is Sureya working on her new favorite hobby