Sunday, September 20, 2015

Frog-a-thon, new projects, and some Fancy Image yarn!

a few weeks back, I decided to do some inventory of my WIP's- works in progress. I decided that some of them had been on needles so long I had forgotten who they were intended for, and other's I was no longer inspired to finish.

This Como Blue & Charcoal chevron infinity scarf was intended for me, but once I got 14 inches into the patterns intended 60 inches, I realized it was going to be A LOT of knitting....

These socks started as practice for a pattern I found in the Sensational Knitted Socks book, but obviously three inches of cuff in two weeks meant the pair would take all year to finish...the yarn did look like the most beautiful rainbow ramen noodles when frogged, however

 These happy little bear legs are knit in this sparkly rainbow yarn that has an awful fuzzy ply (Moonlight Mohair, Lion Brand discontinued), and I lost the pattern before I could finish the bear, so now his topless body is also needle-less!

And now for some actual knitting:

After frogging the unfinished works, I made a Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman using the sock yarn and some of the scarf yarn:

This little beauty was gifted to my cousin Lesley for her little girl Ruby, due to arrive in October!

One of the awesome perks to travelling down to Olympia during the daytime last Saturday was that we were able to stop by and see Myra at Fancy Image Yarns in Shelton. I was planning to grab some Seahawks yarn so we could show our support in a knitterly way, but then I saw these Double Dips that are pictured below: the one on the left is for Sureya, and the one on the right is mine all mine. I cannot describe the number and depth of the colors in each of these skeins, and the whole plan will be to make matching-not-matchy hats for my daughter and I. Yesterday I started knitting Sureya's hat using the Odessa pattern (minus beads), and I WILL FINISH THESE before the snow arrives!

These little hearts were made with the leftover Fancy Image yarn that I had lying around the house, and are part of a larger project that is yet to be fully realized-in any case, it is destined to eventually be in the hands of Paula McCammon.
And just for fun, here is my niece Rhapsody and my daughter Sureya, watching YouTube videos this morning so they can learn how to knit without me losing my mind trying to teach them!
Happy Knitting!

Friday, July 31, 2015

this post has been a year in the making

One year.
Same me, same wonder-kid sidekick, new adventures.

Changed houses. First multi-state road trip. Out of state holiday trip for Thanksgiving. 34th & 3rd Birthday parties. Another Easter Sweater. Backyard camping, family camping, campout with friends. Nana and Papa are selling their house after 30+ years of kids, grandkids, friends and family.

And a little knitting, sewing, and crafting happened along the way.
Three and a half years ago I quit taking as many pictures of things I made, and started taking pictures of this little person I made-sometimes she is wearing or holding things I made, but the focus is and will forevermore be her. Right now, as I write this little post, I am listening to her tiny voice reading How to train your Dragon to her stuffed animals, and smiling as she tries to pronounce words like "Typhoomerang". She occasionally imagines things for me to knit, she tries to knit herself on occasion, and she patiently lets me try the same things on her over and over again until it fits just right.  She is my little knitting muse, and also the reason so little knitting ever happens. Sure, I go to trainings and conferences for work every once in a while, and have hours of uninterrupted opportunity to knit, yet somehow everything I knit seems to be for her.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

So stay tuned, there are pictures coming!

Monday, July 28, 2014

four+ months of pictures

I've been busy. We've been busy having fun. Busy and fun are good as far as I can tell. Long story short, lots of living and not a lot of knitting. How about I just show you?
making our aprons

showing off her apron

dancing in the streets!

yoga in the streets

Seattle from the ferry

Cherry Street Park

Elevated Ice Cream bull ride

braiding extra bulky yarn in the hallway

Olympic Discovery Trail

Discovered salmon berries on the ODT

Spiderman face painting

Feeding the pony 

Port Angeles Pier

First glitter tattoo

learning to play t-ball

sweet messy face

the living room circus

Strawberries from our garden

One of many beach adventures

One zoo trip

Our garden produced A LOT of strawberries

more strawberries

Fourth of July fireworks in PA

Still that first trip to the zoo

Birthday party jumping castle

Obligatory carousel ride at the Point Defiance Zoo

beach discovery

The "jungles" of Chetzemoka Park

Tree climbing in Chetzemoka

The only picture I managed to take of this years Easter Sweater!

Our Easter eggs

Olympic Game Farm- talking to Khumba!

Lots of watermelon cuttings for Sureya to nibble

Matt and Trinity modeling their made-by-me knitwear

my new label (from the procrastaknitters needles-this took forever)
No, I don't make lots of money to afford vacations. Sureya and I, we make memories. A lot of these memories are made with friends and family, and wouldn't be as much fun otherwise (we aren't so exclusive that we can't play nice!) We squeeze as much fun as we can into every evening, every weekend, every holiday. Sometimes they are made in walks around the block, sometimes they are made at the zoo. We camp, we play in our back yard, we dig in our garden. We sew, we paint, we make big ole' messes in the kitchen. Every once in a while we get frustrated with one another, and then we move on to the next moment and try again.We live we laugh we love.And if you are ever out on the Olympic Peninsula, maybe we can play together.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Year 3 of the Easter Sweater

I am so ridiculously excited about this sweater. Sureya is old enough to pick her own colors this year, and she chose the brightest pink Myra had in the store. I grabbed a bag of mixed coordinating colors wound into small cakes because she is now big enough to need two skeins of yarn to complete one sweater. I happened upon the pattern in Ravelry, and now that all my other (important) pending projects are complete, I get to start on this years Easter Sweater.
On the not so good side Sureya is sick with a hacking boogery cough, and that means I am spending a day at home with a medicated and slightly loopy two year old.
Also, my new labels finally arrived! I really do think they look fantastic, and it mostly makes up for the frustration I felt at the process for getting them. I ordered them through Etsy, but the seller was not the best with communicating and it ended up being almost three weeks to receive them due to an illness on the sellers end. She did compensate for the delay by throwing in a few extra and they of course arrived the day after I needed them (to attach to some freshly knit baby clothes)but all my next knits will have new labels
So, there you have it, off to restock the Kleenex box and make more baby tea.

Monday, February 10, 2014

update, with pictures

Check it out, not even a month has gone by and I am already back-yay me! I finished the sweater on February 2nd, and Sureya debuted it during our family's annual Super Bowl party. EVERYONE pointed out that it wasn't Seahawks colored (or even tacky Broncos colors), but since I finished it before the game, I had time to sew in the seemingly endless ends and then pop it on her. The part I am totally leaving out is that the last two and a half rounds of the purple stripe on the left sleeve is an entirely different yarn in an entirely different color. Anyone that I pointed out to said they didn't notice until I pointed it out, but I knew it was there. There was just no way that I was going to go through the debacle of waiting for Knit Picks to send me one more ball of yarn when all I needed was about 4 yards. I stopped by A Dropped Stitch Yarns in Sequim on our way to Port Townsend on Saturday afternoon, talked out my conundrum with the surprisingly patient ("um, is your daughter running with knitting needles?!?")shop lady, and we narrowed it down to one lilac purple skein of Universal Yarns Worsted. I know, I put acrylic yarn blend into a wool sweater. Whatever. They promised it would wash the same, and after only one wash so far they weren't lying. (and I even added a picture of the crooked color-change line up the back of the sweater)

In other slightly un-related news, a dear dear friend of mine is battling Lyme disease and has currently got a page on GoFundMe to help raise funds for medical necessities. To know Matt is to love Matt, and once we talked out the tears we got to the grit of what's going on: his current antibiotic treatments run into the 1000's every month, the Lyme doctor that has been treating him is in Seattle (he lives in Arizona), and this particular disease is very unpredictable so he will feel normal for a few days, then be down and out for weeks. I don't expect everyone to donate, but at least look. This site is a wonderful way for humans to help other humans. Soon, I hope to have some more pictures to put here of Matt (and his steadfast girl Louisa) modeling their newest handknits- I whipped up a quick hat for Matt using more of the Swish Tonal in color Pacific, and Louisa is the lucky recipient of the Blue Angel shawl that just happens to coordinate beautifully with Matt's hat.

Until then, here is my first finished Olympics project-a quick and easy cup hugger made from some leftover Fancy Image fingering weight and Malabrigo Sock