Saturday, May 14, 2011

as the family grows

This year, I will gain three new nephews/nieces. In the world of me, that means lots and lots of knitting requests for the previously knit gifts that fit the previous nieces and nephews so well....and that's what I've been working on. There have been other changes in my little life, but this morning as I was catching up on some of my favorite other bloggers(Wendy Bernard, Jared Flood, Stefanie Japel) I realized it had been well over a month since I had posted ANYTHING! And my Ravelry notebook does not reflect any of my newest projects, because I have literally been giving them away as fast as I have been knitting them. So, here's to two more resolutions: Take pictures BEFORE giving knits away, and keep track of projects!
As I write this I am sitting in my newly reclaimed spare room/office space/yarn & craft catchall, and imagining all the great projects to be. I am knitting up another one of those adorable kimono style sweaters using some of the alpaca yarn I picked up in Peru, and debating which sibling to gift it to because it will require some special washing care. I am trying to take inventory of what projects I have on the needles, which ones I will realistically finish, and how much of which yarns I have at my disposal. Now I just need to come up with the perfect storage solution for my yarn, because the wine-crate tower is now overflowing, and I have bags of yarn sitting on the floor, hanging on the wall, and crammed in the closet.....any suggestions??