Monday, April 4, 2011

Blame it on the rain?

I think my exhaustion may also be partially due to returning from an extended vacation and overbooking myself working two jobs, but really I am still here, knitting. I think I may join another Monday night knitting group, provided they don't crap out on me like the last bunch of wishy-washy-weather-afflicted knitters and crocheters that called themselves a fiber group.
Whoa, tone down the negativity, self!
Maybe it is the rain. I feel as if every pair of shoes I own is made of wet sponges, and I can't seem to wear enough pairs of socks to cut down on the damp wrinkly toes that keep showing up. Not that it rains all day long, but it rains long enough to build up squishy yards and substantial puddles, then stops not quite long enough for the feeble sun to make an attempt at drying things out.
sorry, this entire post was more of a tantrum than anything. I'll try harder next time.