Thursday, January 16, 2014

six months later....

Not going to apologize this time! We moved, I changed jobs, Sureya changed daycares (twice)and my laptop officially gave up the ghost sometime in September. I bought myself a new computer for Christmas and had some time to actually update you all, and now that I spent the last twenty minutes attempting to sign into my blogger account (damn you google+)I have decided to go to bed. But here's a shoddy cell phone picture of my most awesome on the needles project, made with Swish Tonal and Swish Worsted from Knit Picks.
I finally decided it was time to knit Sureya a sweater that would fit her for longer than a season. I chose to do stripes, and about four gray stripes in realized there was no way I had enough of the yarn to finish the sweater. I placed another order for two more balls of the Swish Worsted (Dove) on Knit Picks and their lovely "Your item has shipped" email told me it would be delivered on January 15th. Until January 15th, when the shipping tracker suddenly switched to "anticipated arrival: N/A". What that tells me is they were overly ambitious in thinking they could get anything from Ohio to the forests of the Olympic Peninsula in one week. So for now, I am at a stall. I knit until there was only two inches of yarn left so I have something to attach the next ball: oh, the horror, I am not even going to match dye lots! It's just the ribbing at the bottom, and I am pretty sure the crooked color changes up the back of the sweater will be more horrifying in the long run.
Over the past few months I have knit mittens. Lots of mittens. Like ridiculous amounts of mittens to replace the mittens that Sureya manages to lose everytime she leaves the house. And then every seasoned knitter and well-versed parent pointed out that I needed to add a cord to run up the sleeves and keep the two hands connected. Duh. As if I hadn't thought of that with each smallish mitten I made, and promptly decided I just wanted to see her wear them once. And one time on her hands is all she needs to lose them. I am pretty sure the neighbors cat (pictured below) has been collecting mittens out of our yard and carrying them back to his winter nest.
I can't only blame Sureya for all the mitten knitting. I saw the great pattern on Knitty for these Spatterdash fingerless mittens, and had some yarn to make them in my stash. I made a pair for myself minus all the buttons, which I love. And then a co-worker at my new job saw them, and asked me to make two more pairs for her daughters for Christmas gifts. Sure, no problem, it was a great pattern, albeit one that I will never knit again. There are parts of the pattern now emblazoned in my memory and making three pairs on such small needles was tedious and made me hate knitting for a minute. However,the new job came with lots of training, where I sit alongside dozens of other new employees for weeks on end learning how to do things the way they need to be done, and since we can't be trusted to do anything on our own yet, my idle hands needed to be occupied.
I also kicked out the Blue Angel scarf (which is gorgeous but way too small for my ample physique) this adorable purple cable hat, and a matched set of Santa-ish hats for me and the little one.

Okay, for reals, good night. Someone has to get up, make the coffee, chase the toddler, and go to work in the morning, and I'm pretty sure I drew the short straw.