Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hannah's Cape, Re-Visited

TO BEGIN: I apologize for my slacker tendencies. BUT in my defense, I am a procrastaknitter-that name was not just to be cutesy. I have been knitting, but not writing. Actually, I whipped out a trendy retro cape this week, the full size model of Hannah’s green cape-just because I was looking through my back log of knit photos, and remembered how easy it was to make hers (two days, from cast on to putting on). I used up three of the balls of red alpaca I brought with me, the same gorgeous stuff I bought on my first trip down here to Peru. Now that the elbow length cape is done, I was thinking about elbow length gloves, or arm-warmers, in order to make fashion function in the Northwest (down here, an elbow length cape is overkill-it’s almost summer).

As for my other projects, no progress on the second cadet hat; I honestly don’t understand why it takes me so long to finish something as simple as a hat. The socks, I turned the same heel twice on one of the socks, and since I have already (hmm) turned two heels, I felt I deserved a break. And in that break, I hauled out the mohair hoodie for another revamp. Now I think it may become a short sleeve split neck hoodie, because THE SLEEVES were killing me-I couldn’t find a cuff I liked, the yarn is fickle, not me. I put the back of the body on a spare circular, and started working on the front, making it up as I go along (and writing it down, so that the back matches{hopefully}) The mohair leaves scarf is indefinitely on hold, because I can’t find it…lost in the abyss of books and clothing that is my room, or in the hands of some unsuspecting stranger who picked it up on a bus. But for good measure, it will stay in my on the needles section, as homage to MY size 6 needles that are with it.
Yesterday afternoon I went to the local yarn store-for lack of a better name. It really is more of a sewing and embroidery store, but they recently started stocking a selection of crochet cotton, and multicolored acrylic. Finding good yarn involves traveling beyond my little village, and I had to smack my own forehead for nearly purchasing acrylic yarn yesterday-I was thinking quick and cheap gifts, honestly. Does this mean I need to repent at the feet of the Yarn Goddess?
ALSO, last but definitely not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY y Feliz cumpleanos to my top site visitor, and coincidentally, my OLDER sister Jenni! You don’t look a day over 29! Lots of happy knitting to you in this year of change, as you make the conversion from crotch-eter to knitter. LOVE YOU!

p.s. Jenni, what do you think of that brooch pin for the cape? It's the one I was talking about.


Jenni said...

I love the brouch. But I believe the outfit looks complete on you with the single needle closing it. I shall go look at chop sticks to find the perfect compliment to the lovely cape.
Thanks for the birthday wishes and don't forget I won't EVER look a day over 29!!!!

Jenni said...

PS your face is looking skinny!!!