Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Suprise, it's a .....

I finished the BSJ-minus the buttons-this past weekend! The body knitting was the easy part, and I left off the button placket and decided to use an i-cord edge all the way around the body. This proved to be slightly more difficult than I had anticipated, or maybe I was more tense when I started the edging, but it started to pucker and then I had to take it out and re-knit the front right edge. I used kitchener stitch to join the pieces, since it was in an obvious spot right on the front, and I think once I add the buttons it will be invisible. I love the way the colors turned out, still contemplating whether or not to lengthen the sleeves-I stuck the sweater on a newborn size doll, and it is too short (I think the arms on the doll are pretty comparable to real baby arms).
In other news (Jenn, sit down), it only seems fair to share that all of this baby knitting is actually for me and the baby girl I am expecting in December! Life doesn't always play out like we plan, but I am VERY excited and super grateful for all of the family and friends that have been immensely supportive as I transition back to being single at the same time I am preparing to meet the little lady that has been practicing her soccer moves on my ribcage. Aside from anticipating her winter arrival (good news for our family, we have too many Spring birthdays as it is), I am also super excited because there are so many more adorable winter knits!
There you have it, the fifteenth member of the Thetford cousins clan is expected to arrive December 12, 2011 (although the date changes depending on the doctor-she's a big girl already!)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

On to the BSJ!

I finally picked up some Eucalan to soak my Holden Shawlette yesterday (HAD to get rid of that lingering campfire smell!) and got it all laid out and pinned to the floor in the spare room. I had ordered blocking wires, but then they emailed me that were out of stock, and the local yarn store Canvas Works does not carry blocking wires- I had to settle for regular old stainless straight pins. I can't wait to unpin it and wear it, though, because I think it looks absolutely gorgeous. As usual, the picture does not do justice to the finished project, and the colors are really off because the lighting was not good, but here she is:
I also am trekking right through this cute little Baby Surprise Jacket using Deborah Norville Serenity Sock and size 4 needles. It should be the perfect size for a newborn, and with the yarn left over I will maybe try out some baby leggings or tights (suggestions, please!)