Monday, July 27, 2009

Two of the most recently finished, a crab and a dress. The dress was made from the leftover cotton I had used to make the fern tee, but because no self-respecting two year old girl would wear taupe, I dyed the entire thing with one box each of black and purple RIT dye, ending with a very deep eggplant. The ribbon is a leftover fuschia velvet that I had used to edge a purse long ago, and there was just enough to go around and still leave 6 inch tails. This picture is showing the back of the dress, where the feather and fan pattern is repeated on the back/shoulders. The front is a plain v-neck stockinette stitch (for modesty), and the whole shebang is a mini version of the overdress(ed) pattern. As soon as I have a picture of Hannah wearing the dress, I will post it! promises.