Thursday, July 15, 2010

so many plans...

in the midst of all my sporadic cleaning and organizing over the past week, I started noticing how many printouts of knitting patterns I was coming across. Not just a few, but A LOT. I already have two 2-inch binders and one 1-inch binder full of organized patterns, but as I collected the ones that were folded up inside project bags, or under the couch, or in my magazine basket, I realized I may have a bit more than I originally thought. I ran out yesterday afternoon and bought a package of 25 sheet protectors, assuming that would be enough to continue my careful pattern of organization in the binders.
This is how many patterns I have:

That is THREE 2-inch binders, one 1-inch binder, and a flexible binder full of patterns not even in the shiny sheet protector.
Do you see what I mean by by so much yarn, so many ideas, so little knitting?
I mean, what was I thinking? that I would actually have time to make all of these? or that I would remember why it was that I printed off a certain pattern anyways?
So again, today, armed with another package of sheet protectors, I will finish this project.
and maybe do some knitting.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My first Baby Suprise Jacket!

Just last night, while sipping Mojitos at the Brotherhood in downtown Olympia during this fantastically sweaty weather we are having, I finished my first BSJ! I am not quite as ecstatic as some previous BSJ knitters have been, but it is pretty awesome that all that garter stitch and increase/decrease madness turns into this adorable little sweater. I still have to sew the shoulder seams and then find the perfect buttons, but otherwise DONE! Here, have a looksie:

My mind has already begun imagining other possibilities and yarns and gauges (can this be knit in stockinette stitch?), but for now I will be happy that this one is done and move onto more exciting knitting-like birthday crowns for coworkers!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Here's the shyly smiling Hannah wearing her new sweater last night: she really does have a fantastic personality but the camera makes her freeze! The BSJ is coming along nicely, just getting ready to do the bind off for the collar, and I am sort of working on knitting a tie for my stepdad for his birthday (using the yarn leftover from socks I knit him three years ago!) I finished the Ducks Hat and a hat for my darling friend Matt, using Lion Brand "Amazing" yarn in the Olympia colorway in honor of my current hometown....