Wednesday, October 27, 2010

here's some new pictures!

I finished the crochet hat, it's luv-erly! And once I had realized that there was no way I had enough of the green and gray and black yarns to knit a third hat, I cast on using some old Mountain Colors sock weight (still in green) to make the hat for Levi. I also used the leftover Fancy Image Yarn in blue to make a random hat-still need to decide who it's for! Take a peek:

I have also been playing with my sewing machine again, this time I made a sleeve for my laptop using some recently scored navy blue kimono-style fabric from Goodwill-eleven yards for 3.99!

Monday, October 25, 2010

how about just a picture....or three?

I just recently had my SLR camera cleaned and replaced the batteries. It's been awhile for me, so I played with some things around my house, snapping shots of silliness like a yarn bouquet and one of my hats stretched over a lamp...

I think I can crochet now!

this past weekend my sister Jenni came down to Olympia for some much needed coffee and yarn time. as we were kicking back on our respective couches, surrounded by our baskets and bags of yarn, I noticed the hat she was making.
that looks like something I could do. minus the whole 'crochet' part, right? as you should know by now, my favorite knit lace pattern is feather and fan. practically burned into my memory now, and you are probably sick of seeing it on half the things I make. in any case, did you know that they have a crochet pattern called shell stitch that looks like feather and fan too? well, they do.
because my big sister understands my attention span issues, she stopped what she was doing and started a new hat, just so she could explain it to me as she was doing it and I was stumble stitching along.
long story short, I picked it up rather quickly, and now only fear running out of the lovely Noro (stolen from my sisters' stash) before it is big enough to fit an average sized human.
heres the pattern
pictures as soon as I figure out how to finish the hat!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

enough with the hats already

By the way, I finished all the berets the other day. Three total, all in the same Grace Lace pattern using different colors of Fancy Image Yarn. The color in the picture is a bit off, thanks to my camera phone, but you can see the actual colors below in the previous post.

I started on the boys hats, using the Turn a Square pattern from Brooklyn Tweed/Jared Flood. The first of the hats is done, striping the left over gray Fancy Image yarn with 'Leaves and Sprouts' (green) Mochi Plus from Crystal Palace Yarns.