Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have been knitting, but somehow getting that ravelry log-in figured out has stolen my time-do you know how many knitters are on that site?!? I am sucked in to the number of knitters working on the same projects as me, and curious about what yarns they used, what they thought about things, etc. etc. I feel incomplete as I covet others stashes, and look at their well-rounded project lists, or peruse their libraries-is it still breaking one of the ten commandments if I want my INTERNET neighbors belongings?
Well, downloading pictures is also on my to-do list, so once I find my USB stick I will get right on it-being a roaming gnome with a broke-down laptop means I have to save everything to the USB, or leave my pics and things on some family members PC.

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Jenni said...

my husband is cursing you. I found ravelry from your blog and I know have to plead the 5th on how much time I spend on there.