Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tights have TWO legs!!!

Tights in Spanish is media-panties (media=socks, panties=panties, entonces, mediapanties), which quite frankly makes a far sight more sense than tights-they are socks connected to underwear, after all...
Not to digress, but that was just pointed out to me this morning, as I was joining the two legs together. Yes, I wrote joining-I might actually have these done by Rhapsody's birthday on Wednesday! Once I finish with the awkard rounds just after the join, I will take a picture or two for you.
I also ran by Fancy Image on Friday night, as I was making a quick run to work in Olympia. Myra was cloistered in the corner downstairs, labelling and tagging new colorways, and I snagged a discounted skein of my favorite colorway (one little part of the skein was slightly un-plied, no me importa) That will eventually become the Koolhass Hat (if I gauge it correctly), and I also scouted out some potential future baby clothes for little miss Akira Rayne (yes, another sibling is having another baby, this one belonging to my brother Jared and his wifey)
So, pictures forthcoming, as always.

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Jenni said...

cute tights. love the picture of Rhapsody modeling them.