Monday, October 15, 2012

bi-craftual, and double digits

Sureya hit 10 months old yesterday, and to celebrate the occasion I crocheted her a hat. Yes, you read that correctly- procrastaKNITTER crocheted a hat. I needed to be able to make it while she was napping (okay, it took both the morning and the afternoon nap), and so I chose to crochet because I know that it is faster than knitting. I used up the end of yarn from her adorable striped sweater, and as you can see by the uneven holey-ness along the left side, I haven't yet figured out how to transition from single to double crochet smoothly.
I did however, come across this lovely little thing while cleaning out underneath Sureya's changing table-the last time I tried it on her it was too big, and now it *just* fits. (for some reason her eyes look blue in this picture, but I guarantee you they are still black as coal at midnight) Not that her backside needed any enhancement, but I still think the ruffles totally make the outfit work!

I am currently working on a green and yellow (Packers) striped hat for a friend of mine who has waited patiently for as long as I have known him and then finally gave up, bought the yarn, and brought it to my house. I figure after 10 or so years he has seen enough of my creations to know what he is getting, and the whole being allergic to wool issue made it hard for me to get just the right color in non-wool. It's probably better that he picked the colors himself, because you know how football fans are about getting just the right colors. Also, the thought of him going anywhere just to buy yarn made me smile enough that I had to knit it up into something!

I am considering changing the name of this blog to something a little more appropriate like 'procrastaknitter has a baby and therefore has no more time for knitting or procrastinating', but I think that's too long of a title. You get the idea, right? I sadly had to inform one of my nephews yesterday that he may not actually get a hat from me this Christmas, since I don't even know what I am going to make for Sureya yet, let alone the 15 offspring of my siblings!

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justjenn said...

You cheated on knitting with crocheting!! But it looks super cute. :)