Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sureya's Striped Sweater

No need to point out how long its been since I have shared darling daughter is still sleeping and I am here now! Yesterday, I finished knitting a sweater that I started in August. It was a super easy pattern, but life got in the way of me finishing it in a reasonable amount of time.
I know that it will fit Sureya right now, and for at least a couple of months. I began with the stitch counts from a Knitting Pure & Simple pattern for a Little Girl's Shrug, but used larger needles and in general deviated from everything but the stitch counts. I thought about making a hood as well, but instead opted for a stand-up collar since a hood would require so much more knitting! There is one buttonhole and the fronts overlap right now, but I was thinking that as she gets bigger I could sew in a zipper. {20 minute break, Sureya just woke up}
Details: size 8 needles, knit 18 month size, yarn is Bernat Mosaic in color Optimistic (see, even my yarn choices reflect my current knitting stage).
Sorry you only get to see Sureya in the sweater from the back, but everytime Sureya sees the camera she thinks she needs to hold it and I have dozens of pictures of her lunging forward with hands outstretched!
In life I am crossing my fingers for a new job that I recently applied for-in my hometown of Port Townsend! I moved to Olympia in 2006 to attend The Evergreen State College (go Geoducks!) and started working for Community Youth Services. Life and an awesome career with a great organization kept me here for the past 6 years, but now that I also have to consider Sureya's wellbeing I decided that being closer to family would be my goal. An opening in Juvenile Services was finally available, so I through my hat in the ring and am now waiting to hear back.
Wish me luck (in job AND knitting!)

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