Saturday, June 16, 2012


goodness, it has been awhile! I could mention baby, single parent, full time work, school, and let you fill in the blanks....but it's the battlecry of all mothers everywhere-never enough time! My knitting has slowed down incredibly now that Sureya enjoys the reaction she gets from me when she pulls the yarn off the needles, or drools on pattern pages, but I am currently stumbling through the Citron shawl using Malabrigo Lace in the Burgandy colorway. I have read several reviews that say the shawl is small, but I do have two skeins of this yarn and am hoping to add enough length to at least cover my shoulders (or find someone to gift it to!). The weather has been too unpredictable to be enjoyable, but being stuck inside has made me want to sew, not knit-lots of new diapers were made, and lots of back burner projects were finally sewn together. I haven't even got pictures of anything to share, because that would mean that I need to remember to buy batteries for my camera...Hope everyone is enjoying their summer-what are YOU knitting?

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