Sunday, April 29, 2012

Striped socks

These socks were started so long ago that I can't actually remember when. I was pregnant, so it was in the last 13 months they were started. I think there may even be a hospital/delivery room picture that includes the socks. Regardless, they are now done. I even slipped them on long enough to take one picture, seeing as how these are awesomely striped WOOL socks and the sun finally decided to shine on Western Washington-

I can't exactly perfect my Chaco top of the foot Z-strap tan if I am wearing wool socks. They were made from Stitch Nation Washable Ewe, knit on size 4,5, and 6 needles, loosely based on the Pricilla's Dream Socks pattern. I say loosely based on because I used her gauge chart to guess at how many stitches I should start with, but then I went crazy from there changing needles sizes to accomodate the fat and skinny parts of my ankles and feet, switching the short row toe for two different types (like I said, it was so long between knitting each sock, and I never take notes!) and I made the cuff significantly shorter, because people with cankles should never cuff their socks. Ever.
And once again, I will need at least two years to recuperate from knitting this pair and will only be able to knit small child socks because the time commitment is much less.
Now I am on a mission to figure out how to make my own knitting chart for the Washington State University logo, since my youngest brother was just accepted as of Friday. This means that I have at least four years to make something with the logo, and most likely it's gonna be a hat. I should just say that it will definitely be a hat. Also, it's his birthday TODAY. 18 years old! 8 years ago some overeducated unbelieving oncologist told my parents that he wouldn't live to 11 because his cancer was too advanced-and now he's going to college! I love him more than he would probably want me to tell the annonymous blogger world, but here's a picture of him with Sureya.
Happy Birthday Gabe!

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Way to go Nate!