Saturday, October 1, 2011

hot off the needles

I know, it has been awhile since I showed you any pictures of things I am making. After my last post, I needed some time to answer the dozens of holy-snap-what-the-eff-I-didnt-know comments that my far flung friends and family members were maybe I shouldn't have waited until 7 months to let everyone know! Not that I was trying to, but after the fourth month and nobody (except those already in the know)mentioning anything, I figured it was sort of like a new game for me, how long can I hide A BABY under my clothing before someone braves up and mentions that I look a little more rotund than usual! Then I started to get worried, because in September my darling best friend wants to start arranging a baby shower, but how awkward would that be for my Aunts to get an invite to a shower for a baby they didn't know I was having? Well, now everyone knows. I have to still call a few people that were caught off guard by the online announcement, but I AM A BUSY LADY. Working, creatively putting away money for maternity leave and knitting as much as humanly possible between naps takes up a lot of my days.
One of my coworkers requested a knit Infinity scarf for her daughter, which I gladly made because I had seen this yarn at Michaels and wanted to try it out-I must say that Red Heart has come along way since I first inherited that garbage bag of lime,pumpkin,saffron,and brown acrylic from my grandma. This chain yarn has a bit of sparkle and some soft fuzziness, but no knots, weird color blotches, or cheesy texture to give away it's humble brand name.

I also finally sewed up the legs and waistband of the bloomers I knit following Stefanie Japel's pattern, and also knit a semi coordinating pair of baby leggings to go with them-really just tubes with varying amounts of ribbing on the ends...

By the way...
I will love my child no matter who she looks like
but I really REALLY REALLY hope she looks nothing like this doll!

(my bff loaned the doll to me so I could knit baby size clothing without patterns, but she kind of creeps me out)

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justjenn said...

Um....holy crap. I could have done without seeing that doll face. That is hilarious!

I've avoided Red Heart yarn for awhile now...I might have to give them another look.