Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hat Heaven

The Sakura Hat was finished over the Labor Day weekend camping trip, and the Avalon hat was finished this past weekend. Jenni and I went on a little fieldtrip on Sunday, over to Churchmouse in downtown Bainbridge Island to take advantage of their 10th anniversary sale deals-I was looking for some of the heavyweight Socks that Rock yarn for a new project (top secret), but they didn't have any in a colorway that I wanted so I instead picked out the yarn to knit the Temple Cats hat pattern. All the little princesses belonging to my sisters will be getting their own cat hat at Christmas, and if I figured the yardage correctly I should be able to make two blue hats with gray cats, and two gray hats with blue cats! This yarn is the Berrocco Vintage, and word-of-mouth from another Churchmouse customer is that the yarn is fantastic to work with, and washable to boot. I also traded five pounds of leftover or unused yarn for a five dollar off coupon, and the yarn will be used by the local charity knitters guild!

Also, after doing some all-important Christmas knitting related math, I realized that unless I finish one hat every week, I will not finish making hats for everyone in my family in the next 14 weeks!


justjenn said...

Love the pretty yarn! They will surely be fabulous.

Brian and Jenni said...

Totally love the hat! Thanks for teaching me to knit by phone.