Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 nieces & nephews, 1 hat done

okay, okay, so I didn't even bother to sew in the ends before I popped this little number on Rhapsody's head. One down, three to go because this particular hat belongs to the younger set of nieces (Rhapsody, Isabella, Hannah, Olivia), and I still have the older set of nieces (Mariah, Marissa, Rachell) and the set of nephews (Jeremiah, Josiah, Levi) to knit hats for. Also, as I am looking at this picture of the back of the hat, it appears that I contracted Cousin It to shoot the photo, but that is actually how long her hair is now! By the way-quite a few people, upon first glance, that the hat was covered in owls, not cats. Maybe the colors are too similiar for the kittyness to show?

1 comment:

justjenn said...

super, super, super cute.

so many dang Thetford kids. LOL