Thursday, March 17, 2016

Easter sweater, year 5!

Here are the magical colors that will become part of the saga of the  Easter Sweaters. Sureya asked for orange, which I couldn't bring myself to completely agree with, so I went with this super-saturated double dip from Fancy Image Yarn, with a multi-hued orange mohair for additional texture in the stripes.

And below, you can see the headband I knit in under an hour while standing around a bonfire on Thanksgiving day (we did an outdoor authentic Northwest Thanksgiving). Again, Fancy Image Yarn in bulky, Downton Abbey colorway. Side-note, I made those earrings I am wearing also, one of the easiest earring designs ever! And just so you don't all get the idea that I only use Fancy Image yarns, I included some pics of the cowl I knit using my own pattern and some unmarked self-striping wool-it was a perfect Christmas present for my coworker/roommate/friend.

(woolly bandit)

Right at the end of February, Sureya and I took an impromptu break from work and daycare to go visit my sister Jenni and her family. While we were there we made a daytrip down to Port Orford Prehistoric Gardens to marvel at the creatures hidden in the (rainy) rainforest. We kept our heads warm with these awesome hats (sorry, but not sorry folks, it is more Fancy Image Yarn). Sureya's hat was eventually gifted to a smaller friend, because it just kept sliding up her head.  

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is WayHey the Dragon, knit in the same yarn you see above using this pattern. Sureya happened to have a saddle and rider that she could strap right on her dragon, so he spends loads of time flying around while she is shouting "YeeHaw".

Okay, last pictures of Fancy Image Yarn for this post: here is the only picture I could find of the two of us wearing our Odessa Hats, knit from two similar  double dips-for real, you need to check out this yarn. Sureya's has more pink and purple colors, mine has more rust and green.

Stay Tuned for pictures of the completed Easter Sweater: I do have a Mandatory Staff Meeting tomorrow, so this might just happen sooner rather than later. Thanks for stopping by, and as always, Happy Knitting!

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