Friday, July 31, 2015

this post has been a year in the making

One year.
Same me, same wonder-kid sidekick, new adventures.

Changed houses. First multi-state road trip. Out of state holiday trip for Thanksgiving. 34th & 3rd Birthday parties. Another Easter Sweater. Backyard camping, family camping, campout with friends. Nana and Papa are selling their house after 30+ years of kids, grandkids, friends and family.

And a little knitting, sewing, and crafting happened along the way.
Three and a half years ago I quit taking as many pictures of things I made, and started taking pictures of this little person I made-sometimes she is wearing or holding things I made, but the focus is and will forevermore be her. Right now, as I write this little post, I am listening to her tiny voice reading How to train your Dragon to her stuffed animals, and smiling as she tries to pronounce words like "Typhoomerang". She occasionally imagines things for me to knit, she tries to knit herself on occasion, and she patiently lets me try the same things on her over and over again until it fits just right.  She is my little knitting muse, and also the reason so little knitting ever happens. Sure, I go to trainings and conferences for work every once in a while, and have hours of uninterrupted opportunity to knit, yet somehow everything I knit seems to be for her.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

So stay tuned, there are pictures coming!

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