Friday, January 6, 2012

the "gross" scarf project

After 31 years of pretending I am not listening to her, I took one of my older sisters ideas and decided to improve upon it, me-style. She had suggested a knitting project where you knit one row each day for a year, ideally ending up with a lovely scarf by December 31st. Considering that a.) the world is supposed to end before then,b.)I can never knit just one row at a time, and c.) I have the worlds largest stash of mini balls of yarn, I decided to create a project that would satisfy all of these issues. Behold, the "gross" scarf project.

Start with sorting your stash. I chose to use green and blue, and grabbed my two already sorted ziploc baggies of odds and ends. Then ,I found an easy stitch pattern (Feather and Fan), and started knitting. Because I am doing two 18-stitch repeats of a four-row pattern, I end up knitting 144 stitches a day-thus the name.
Here is the pattern I am using, adapted from the Yarn Lady:

Cast on 36 stitches using size 9 (5.5 mm)needles
Row 1&2: Knit
Row 3: K2tog 3 times, (YO, K1 6 times) K2tog 3 times; repeat
Row 4: Knit

I am changing colors each day, and the plan is to knit until I have used up my yarn. There you have it, the "gross" scarf project.

So far, I love the scarf. It is simple enough to knit without a pattern and I have time to squeeze in the rows while Sureya is in a boob-milk-coma on my lap (she drinks until she passes out, with her eyes open and a milky grin on her face). She doesn't even seem to mind the yarn ends tickling her face.
Apparently, scarves were on the brain in our family, because my cousin Jenn also just posted her scarf project. {Maybe she will want to try my scarf pattern instead}

I will post pictures as I knit along, and feel free to share your pictures if you decide to make the same!
P.S. Please don't ask me what yarns I am using-I suck at remembering to save the labels with the yarns.


Jenni said...

Awww, so glad to be a part of the inspiration. I am behind, as usual but will catch up this weekend.

justjenn said...

I keep seeing this on Pinterest. I'm such a lazy knitter I cannot committ to even a row a day. But I do have a lot of stash yarn...I'll come up with something horrendous I'm sure.

I love boob milk comas -- is ridiculously funny. To burp or not to burp?