Monday, December 12, 2011

Due Date #2...and more waiting!

I know, I know, you can't rush perfection...she will get here when she's ready...only a small percentage of babies are born on their due date-BUT SERIOUSLY. I AM READY. Ready, and anxious to meet her. I finally quit working, just called my boss this morning to leave him a message that I was officially beginning my maternity leave as of today (actually Friday, since I was too tired to go to work then, too) but today is different, because I can't actually drive myself to work since my legs/hips are numb. Yesterday, I had my first "is this labor?" moment, and had my mom take me to the hospital since my body was meeting 2 of the 5 reasons to go- #3: decreased movement by baby, and #5: increased pain not lessened by changing positions. What I found out, aside from the fact that I had three more medical personnel say "wow, thats a BIG baby", is that my daughter has moved down to about a -2 (-5 is the high up in the cervix, 5 is delivery)and is pushing on my nerves, which is causing the numbness and general pain everywhere. One of the nurses also said that she is in position but playing possum, sleeping in her warm womb with a view until the last possible moment (hence the decreased movement).... In any case, mom and I had done LOTS of walking on Saturday, even got up at 445 am to see the lunar eclipse-which obviously didn't send me into labor-and I found a good indoor walking spot since the weather was wet and cold-Home Depot. Long aisles, not alot of crazed Christmas shoppers, no salespeople following you around because they are so understaffed, plenty of noxious chemicals to sniff (just kidding). We did some laps, only had to deflect 2 offers for help, and I visually created my dream home as I sashayed through the store-God bless warehouse sized stores! Speaking of walking, I also realized something funny about my body- I have always been pigeon toed, walking with my toes in and my heels out, until now. I don't waddle like most very pregnant people whose spreading hips forces their toes out and allows the trademark duck-walk to emerge-I now can walk straight! My toes point forward! Okay, aside from this long ramble about my weekend, I am impatiently awaiting my afternoon doctors appointment because the nurses yesterday informed me that as soon as I schedule an induction I will go into labor, and todays the day I get to turn in that paperwork-my doctors are looking at next week for induction if she hasn't arrived on her own.
Now, onto more knitterly things: I received an awesome package in the mail on Friday from my favorite yarn-dying shop owner in the whole wide world- Myra Garcia at Fancy Image Yarn. She sent me a lovely surprise, an envelope that was hiding one of her Cutest Baby Hat kits, and a skein of her handdyed yarn accompanied by a Mom and Me sock pattern! The hat is already done, and it is absolutely adorable-love it, and I couldn't have asked for a better baby/Christmas gift because it is something to keep me occupied while I wait for my little angel.

(Sorry Jenn, more doll)
I also finished a pair of baby socks using Patons Stretch Sock in the Spumoni Stripes colorway

...and I will just continue knitting single socks out of the skein until I get a pair that actually matches!
As for sewing, I made a few more diapers this week before finally calling it quits because I want to try the different styles on Sureya to figure out which ones work best. I LOVE the green/owl diaper, but my ever-clever sister Debbie pointed out that it was the perfect colors for hiding baby poop and now I keep imagining it filled with crap...

The animal and stripe print diapers are actually made out of oversized dishclothes from the IKEA as-is department: I paid a whopping 60 cents for three of them, and had enough fabric to make two diapers, which makes these two cloth diapers CHEAPER than two disposable diapers! Yay for thrifty shopping!

Okay, now I'm done. Apologies for the ramble, but I have nothing else to do but wait....

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justjenn said...

What a nice gift! You do more knitting in a few days than I do all year. The great thing about big babies is they aren't delicate -- us Thetfords make big ones. ;)