Friday, November 4, 2011

beware the doll!

I finally finished the Maile sweater, it looks absolutely adorable and now I just need to find the perfect buttons. When I make this sweater again (which I know I will) I will figure out how to do it from the top down because the joining the sleeves at the underarms made me INSANE. And pregnant women can't afford to be any more off kilter than they already are. Seriously. This tiny little sweater took weeks, because after joining the underarms I was so irritated I couldn't look at the sweater. BUT, finally, it is finished, and now I have about a month to find the buttons!


justjenn said...

Two things:

1. Love the colors on the sweater.
2. The headband does NOT help the doll look less creepy. Nice try Mita.

I can't wait to see these sweet things on a beautiful Thetford baby.

procrastaknitter said...

I TRIED! The headband by itself is cute, too, but aside from sewing a smiley-face-head-cover, the doll can't get any cuter....Just wait, 30 days and I will photography my daughter wearing all of these adorable things!

Jenni said...

Beautiful sweater! Perhaps we should share the video of Levi crying when he sees the doll. Hilarious