Tuesday, June 28, 2011

hey there hi there

this is not the only thing I have knit in the last month, I promise. It has been busy, busy, busy, and I am slowly knitting my way through a sweater I recently began. This Thursday my sister and I will be going to a Tacoma Rainiers Stitch N' Pitch event, which will actually be my second baseball game this week...I went to the Mariners/Atlanta game last night, and juggled my knitting along with my friends' excited one year old daughter.
My younger sister is getting married next month, my older sister delivered her lovely 5th child Micah last month, and my younger brother is expecting a boy in August-lots of baby knitting going on, but not always enough time to take a picture before I give it away, and just plain busy in between!


justjenn said...

I cannot wait to see you all this month and count up the growing family. I'll bring some knitting along so we can do an impromptu knitting circle.

procrastaknitter said...

excellent idea! and Jenni is a knitter-in-training (kind of like a ninja-in-training, but with needles instead of nunchucks) who would probably even let you see some of things she has made-she actually knits way better than she thinks she does. Can't wait to see you!