Monday, March 21, 2011

north to here.

I made it back, obviously alive and with a yarn stash twice the size of the bags I had taken down with me. I purchased another backpack in Ecuador after our trip to Otavalo, because I had purchased another two giant skeins of yarn and had left behind ten more in Peru that still had to be accomodated in my return luggage. I realized that no matter how much I look at other colors, I always choose blue and green.

While I was in Ecuador I had the opportunity to share and show off my knitting skills, managed to finish knitting that pair of socks and start on another cowl for myself, using moms pattern and some Malabrigo Worsted that was in my carry on luggage.

While traveling in northern Ecuador with my friends Gabi and Jesse, I also visited a village called Pijal, where I met this lovely weaver named Bolivia (yes, just like the country). She took us to her house to show us her loom and wheel, and if I had been thinking I would have written down their Qichwa names when she shared them with us.

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