Monday, January 10, 2011

oops, forgot to mention....

Yesterday I gave my aunt Joyce her first knitting lesson! My Nanny Ruby, her mother, was a consistent knitter and when she passed away I was the one who inherited all the long aluminum needles that she used to keep aunt Joyce awake, with her peristent clickety-click-clickety-click. It was an honor to find another person in the family who wants to learn, and with all of her jet-setting-job-time spent in airports, airplanes, and hotels I think she will catch on quickly. I recommended my favorite beginner books (Stich n Bitch, One Skein), yarns (Universal, Fancy Image, Patons) and we knit garter swatches so she could practice casting on, knitting, and binding off. She kept both swatches so that she could have the visual reminder, and I anticipate receiving a long garter scarf next Christmas! (hint, hint)
I also used my crazy running around time on Saturday, between helping my sisters' family move and attending my nephews' basketball game, to run over to Churchmouse Tea and Yarn so that I could use my yarn bucks certificate to get some yardage for mom's upcoming birthday present. Pictures forthcoming, after February 6th, of course!

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