Monday, November 29, 2010

things I made over the weekend...

no, there is no energy drinks or sleepless nights involved. I was oncall for work in Port Townsend, so I WISELY used my time to sew like a mad woman and make some more fun stuff to sell at the Hawks Holiday Happening. Marissa and I did some undercover idea shopping in downtown PT on Saturday, looking for cool things that we could attempt to recreate while sneaking snacks from all the Holiday Open House businesses. My knits are coming along too, but you can't really tell because I am such a procrastinator that I wait until the last minute to do the finish work. That will cause sleepless nights.
However, it must be said that no matter how inexpensive the fabric, I will NEVER NEVER NUNCA MAS shop at JoAnns on Black Friday. Kayla and I thought it would be easy peasy, in and out, quickest stop of the night-into-morning that we were slogging through, but NO! we were forced to wait 3 hours just to get 5 yards of fabric for me and a new table easel for her. 3 hours. In JoAnns. After we had already wasted hours of our morning both indoors and outdoors standing in lines. It was rough. And who really needs 85 yards of flannel anyways? Are you planning on making 15 king-size quilts by Christmas?
10 yards or less line. That would have been nice. Maybe I will fill out a comment card.
As you can see, I finished the leaf cowl. Haven't yet decided if I will sell it or gift it, but I do love the colors of this yarn.

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