Monday, October 25, 2010

I think I can crochet now!

this past weekend my sister Jenni came down to Olympia for some much needed coffee and yarn time. as we were kicking back on our respective couches, surrounded by our baskets and bags of yarn, I noticed the hat she was making.
that looks like something I could do. minus the whole 'crochet' part, right? as you should know by now, my favorite knit lace pattern is feather and fan. practically burned into my memory now, and you are probably sick of seeing it on half the things I make. in any case, did you know that they have a crochet pattern called shell stitch that looks like feather and fan too? well, they do.
because my big sister understands my attention span issues, she stopped what she was doing and started a new hat, just so she could explain it to me as she was doing it and I was stumble stitching along.
long story short, I picked it up rather quickly, and now only fear running out of the lovely Noro (stolen from my sisters' stash) before it is big enough to fit an average sized human.
heres the pattern
pictures as soon as I figure out how to finish the hat!

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