Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here's Rhapsody, posing in her newest tanktop. This was probably one of the easiest projects I have ever knit without a pattern, because the feather and fan stitch is now burned into memory and the strap lace was a simple yo, k2tog that alternated every other row. Maybe I will post the pattern, if I can get it off Rhapsody long enough to count stitches...

And then there is the slippers, which just fit perfectly but Corinne suggested that the next pair I make should probably have more of an edge, maybe a couple more rows around the heels before I bind off the back section.

There's the pattern and the yarn that I am using for the Shrug (by the way)!
I am right now binding off for the Oregon Ducks hat, and the Little Girls Shrug is drying (I am still not quite as adept at blocking as I would like to be). Taking a short break from knitting for awhile, to get some sewing projects done. I am slowly but surely mastering my new-ish machine, and just made a mini version of the Olivia blanket for Oly's doll. Maybe fifteen minutes start to finish? Sewing is definitely more gratifying to me in terms of time, but I still prefer knitting for those extra special projects.

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