Sunday, August 10, 2008

kerouac socks, and lucha libre

while I do not have the pictures to prove it, I did whip out a pair of comfy socks this past Thursday/Friday, and I finally started on the Lucha Libre pattern from Son of Stitch n' Bitch to make the snazzy balaclava for one of my coworkers. I am also modifying a feather and fan tanktop pattern from the yarn lady to make a lacy slip-dress-cover-thingy to hopefully wear to Carrie's wedding next month-no promises on that one. I spent the last couple of days teaching one of the young residents at my job to knit, and as she couldn't hide her amazement that she was knitting ("can you f-ing look at me, ME, knitting? I mean holy sh*t, I am knitting like a little ole f-ing lady!), I was secretly beaming with pride inside that she found something else to focus all of her intense generally misguided energy on!

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