Monday, March 10, 2014

Year 3 of the Easter Sweater

I am so ridiculously excited about this sweater. Sureya is old enough to pick her own colors this year, and she chose the brightest pink Myra had in the store. I grabbed a bag of mixed coordinating colors wound into small cakes because she is now big enough to need two skeins of yarn to complete one sweater. I happened upon the pattern in Ravelry, and now that all my other (important) pending projects are complete, I get to start on this years Easter Sweater.
On the not so good side Sureya is sick with a hacking boogery cough, and that means I am spending a day at home with a medicated and slightly loopy two year old.
Also, my new labels finally arrived! I really do think they look fantastic, and it mostly makes up for the frustration I felt at the process for getting them. I ordered them through Etsy, but the seller was not the best with communicating and it ended up being almost three weeks to receive them due to an illness on the sellers end. She did compensate for the delay by throwing in a few extra and they of course arrived the day after I needed them (to attach to some freshly knit baby clothes)but all my next knits will have new labels
So, there you have it, off to restock the Kleenex box and make more baby tea.

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