Monday, July 28, 2014

four+ months of pictures

I've been busy. We've been busy having fun. Busy and fun are good as far as I can tell. Long story short, lots of living and not a lot of knitting. How about I just show you?
making our aprons

showing off her apron

dancing in the streets!

yoga in the streets

Seattle from the ferry

Cherry Street Park

Elevated Ice Cream bull ride

braiding extra bulky yarn in the hallway

Olympic Discovery Trail

Discovered salmon berries on the ODT

Spiderman face painting

Feeding the pony 

Port Angeles Pier

First glitter tattoo

learning to play t-ball

sweet messy face

the living room circus

Strawberries from our garden

One of many beach adventures

One zoo trip

Our garden produced A LOT of strawberries

more strawberries

Fourth of July fireworks in PA

Still that first trip to the zoo

Birthday party jumping castle

Obligatory carousel ride at the Point Defiance Zoo

beach discovery

The "jungles" of Chetzemoka Park

Tree climbing in Chetzemoka

The only picture I managed to take of this years Easter Sweater!

Our Easter eggs

Olympic Game Farm- talking to Khumba!

Lots of watermelon cuttings for Sureya to nibble

Matt and Trinity modeling their made-by-me knitwear

my new label (from the procrastaknitters needles-this took forever)
No, I don't make lots of money to afford vacations. Sureya and I, we make memories. A lot of these memories are made with friends and family, and wouldn't be as much fun otherwise (we aren't so exclusive that we can't play nice!) We squeeze as much fun as we can into every evening, every weekend, every holiday. Sometimes they are made in walks around the block, sometimes they are made at the zoo. We camp, we play in our back yard, we dig in our garden. We sew, we paint, we make big ole' messes in the kitchen. Every once in a while we get frustrated with one another, and then we move on to the next moment and try again.We live we laugh we love.And if you are ever out on the Olympic Peninsula, maybe we can play together.

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