Monday, February 10, 2014

update, with pictures

Check it out, not even a month has gone by and I am already back-yay me! I finished the sweater on February 2nd, and Sureya debuted it during our family's annual Super Bowl party. EVERYONE pointed out that it wasn't Seahawks colored (or even tacky Broncos colors), but since I finished it before the game, I had time to sew in the seemingly endless ends and then pop it on her. The part I am totally leaving out is that the last two and a half rounds of the purple stripe on the left sleeve is an entirely different yarn in an entirely different color. Anyone that I pointed out to said they didn't notice until I pointed it out, but I knew it was there. There was just no way that I was going to go through the debacle of waiting for Knit Picks to send me one more ball of yarn when all I needed was about 4 yards. I stopped by A Dropped Stitch Yarns in Sequim on our way to Port Townsend on Saturday afternoon, talked out my conundrum with the surprisingly patient ("um, is your daughter running with knitting needles?!?")shop lady, and we narrowed it down to one lilac purple skein of Universal Yarns Worsted. I know, I put acrylic yarn blend into a wool sweater. Whatever. They promised it would wash the same, and after only one wash so far they weren't lying. (and I even added a picture of the crooked color-change line up the back of the sweater)

In other slightly un-related news, a dear dear friend of mine is battling Lyme disease and has currently got a page on GoFundMe to help raise funds for medical necessities. To know Matt is to love Matt, and once we talked out the tears we got to the grit of what's going on: his current antibiotic treatments run into the 1000's every month, the Lyme doctor that has been treating him is in Seattle (he lives in Arizona), and this particular disease is very unpredictable so he will feel normal for a few days, then be down and out for weeks. I don't expect everyone to donate, but at least look. This site is a wonderful way for humans to help other humans. Soon, I hope to have some more pictures to put here of Matt (and his steadfast girl Louisa) modeling their newest handknits- I whipped up a quick hat for Matt using more of the Swish Tonal in color Pacific, and Louisa is the lucky recipient of the Blue Angel shawl that just happens to coordinate beautifully with Matt's hat.

Until then, here is my first finished Olympics project-a quick and easy cup hugger made from some leftover Fancy Image fingering weight and Malabrigo Sock

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