Saturday, March 16, 2013

Mostly Fancy projects

Even though I haven't been coming here to share I went on a mini shopping spree at Fancy Image Yarns TWICE in the last month, and am happily plugging away at several super cute projects. I even managed to finish a few, all made with Fancy Image Yarn and all adorable! With the exception of Ryu's blue hat {which was made with an unlabeled yarn I received at Christmas}, all of these projects have (or will have) that signature soft and colorful Myra touch. Knitting an Easter Sweater for Sureya using Fancy Image yarn is on year two of becoming a tradition, and this time I picked a color that I thought might be difficult to match to a dress until Fate(a.k.a. Adrian) sent me more hand-me-down clothes from Savannah that just happened to include a dress in the perfect shade of bright purply fuschia. I love it when real life catches up with knit life! Here's some quick pictures of works in progress:

So, obviously the sweater still needs to be blocked and I still need to knit that WSU Cougar colored yarn up into something, but this is a lot of hours of meetings, trainings, and stolen-after-Sureya-falls-asleep time represented.The gray hombre hat/sock combo is for the next Thetford-baby-to-be, due sometime next month for my sister-in-law Alicia and brother Nate. The socks-I'm honestly not so sure about the socks, Myra had overdyed some patterned sock yarn and I wanted to give it a try. That collection of pastel colors on top of a sideways pattern, well that is actually the hat I am currently knitting for Sureya, the Flore Hat from KnitWhits. Myra allowed me to put together the colors in my own sampler pack of her DK yarn, and even though I have already had to unknit it once I am still hopeful and really do like the pattern!
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justjenn said...

I'm loving those socks!

Evans4316 said...

Where did you get the WSU Cougar colored yarn? Trying to find some.