Wednesday, February 6, 2013

60 weeks, and moms birthday!

guess what? I have internet again! Thanks to the graciousness of Century Link, I qualify for an internet basics program that is affordable ($15/month) but not the quickest(1.5kb)-who cares, I have INTERNET again! The technician was kind of awesome because I thought my service wasn't being hooked up until Saturday, but he happened to call this afternoon right after we got home to say he was in the area and had some time to get our line going-Thank you Mike! Now it's time to do all the overdue updates, etc...

In knitting news, I made an awesome Valentine hat for Sureya- awesome because she actually will keep it on her head. I figured out the trick: earflaps and long braided ties (gives her something to hold onto, and there is no hat brim stretched across her ears). I used some leftover Haikoo Simpliworsted and Vicki Howell Sheepish yarn, with some slightly off centered hearts banding the body. Now that she is a "big girl" she picks out most of the clothes she wears and consistently chooses this hat as her official topper!

As an early-Valentine/super-late-Christmas/super-super-late-Birthday present for my sister Jenni, I made this cute buttoned headband. I wasn't quite sure of what to make for someone who could just as well crochet whatever she wanted, so I stalked her Pinterest likes until I noticed a trend- she had liked a lot of KNIT headbands! Voila, the super simple lace headband from Rewind Knits & Crochet. I used leftover Mountain Colors yarn in subtle rainbow shades, and it looks even better in person than what you can see in these pictures.
(please ignore my intense photo-face, I hate taking my own picture!)

We had a small round of uber-cold weather around the Northwest at the beginning of January, and in the midst of attempting to take a picture of a deer while out on a walk, I realized that I had to take my gloves off due to that whole conductivity issue. I went to four local stores to see if anyone was selling conductive thread that I could simply weave into existing fingertips, but alas the only option is online. Since I don't own a decent pair of fingerless gloves, I decided to treat myself to a handknit (double pun) for myself. I usually veer towards blue and green shades, but as I was walking down the yarn aisle in JoAnn (I am on a budget here, people!)this great orangish/reddish sunset colored yarn caught my eye. I dismissively said to myself "ahh, love these colors", then continued on towards my usual fallback colors, only to decide that I totally needed to bring the brightness and shock even myself with new hues for my suffering winter wardrobe. Here you have them, in a made-it-up-as-I-knit travelling cable pattern. The yarn is one of the Red Heart Boutique yarns, I can't remember which one, maybe Eclipse?

And now we get to my title-Today is not only the 26th anniversary of my darling mums 29th birthday (she's really 55, people, but no one knows that by looking at her), but also marks 60 weeks of Sureya! Sixty weeks, eight hours, 48 minutes (and counting) of loving that little girl to the moon and back! It's heartwarming to think that my mom once counted my days and weeks of life, too, now that I get to be awed and inspired by my own daughter. Thanks mom, for always believing and always being!
(she might make nasty comments for using a hottub picture, but this is the most recent pic of the two of them together!)

Now that I have wasted an hour of my sleeping-baby-mom-time, I feel slightly better about my neglected blog and hope that both you and I will be back sooner rather than later for an update.

If you are on Craftsy, considering giving a 'heart' to Sureya's hat that I entered into their Valentine Contest! The project with the most hearts by Valentines Day wins a free Craftsy class! Thanks!

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justjenn said...

Can Sureya get any cuter? That is a great hat. Love you!