Monday, February 22, 2010

that new Singer

Okay, heres the scenario: I used my income tax return to buy a new sewing machine. For the last three years, my sister and I have been passing our moms' Brother sewing machine between Olympia, Bremerton, and Port Townsend to match our individual project needs. You know, two weeks here, a month there, what have you. Occasionally the sister and I would get together to sew, but mostly that machine was shuttled 60 miles at a time-not very environmentally friendly....So, I bought myself a Singer Traditional and have been sewing like no ones business. Knitting has come to a complete stop, and I have whipped out a couple of blankets, aprons, and pillow cases. What do you think? This is my niece Olivia with her 1st birthday blanket. No lie, she was asleep five minutes after wrapping herself up in this fuzzy pink reversible. I was going to make both sides pink, but then while waiting for my tires to get rotated I wandered into a quilt shop and found a white cotton printed repeatedly with Olivia-I took that as a sign!

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