Friday, March 12, 2010

Fancy Image Yarn

I need to rave-I just washed my Odessa hat for what may have been the hundreth time, and it still looks fantastic. I haven't had it that long, so you may ask why it gets washed so often. I wear it all the time, because we all secretly love receiving compliments on things we've made, and this particular hat takes the cake. It's the colors. It was the perfect pattern to show off the color changes. It makes my enormous head look smaller (that may be exaggerating). In any case, for everyone that lives in Washington and occasionally ventures on Highway 101, you should stop in Shelton and visit Myra. Chances are, she's in the store. You can actually talk to her! The store is tiny, but the perfect size for showing off all that fantastic yarn. The selection of other yarn brands is small, but there is enough Fancy Image to keep your idea wheels spinning and the colors, beware the colors, you will want one of every skein!
If you are on ravelry, peek at my notebook-there is lots of Fancy Image yarn in there!!!

baby booties


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