Friday, January 1, 2010

This year I will.......

Hello first day of 2010.
Will this be the year I finish Christmas knitting before December? Will this be the year I don't wrap up balls of yarn and tell my friends that they will have their [hat, socks, turtle} within two weeks of their birthday? Will this be the year, will, this, be, the, year?
My list looks a little something like this
January: Finish all projects. I am prohibited from starting anything new.
February: Start birthday knitting for three nieces, mom, aunt, uncle.
March:Maybe knit projects for the spring fair?
and thats as far as I have gotten.
My nieces have turned in their requests
My mom has hinted at things she likes
My aunt will finally receive a knit gift from me

We'll see. Its only the first of January and my dancing feet are still aching, my Patron soaked head is pounding, and I have to do laundry.

May all your wishes for this year come true :)

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