Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I need to figure out who this Penelope character is. For the past five days I was traveling around the beaches of Northern Peru and on in to Ecuador with the graduating classes from one of the local private schools. There was a handful of parent chaperones present, and whenever anyone commented on my constant handful of needles and yarn, they always said something about Penelope. From what I translated, apparently Penelope was in love with a man who went away to war, and her parents wanted to marry her off to another. She said she would marry once she finished whatever project it was she was knitting-but the catch is that she would knit all day long and at night unravel what she had started so she never actually finished. I, however, don't unravel. I just start a new project!
As for my current projects, still missing a sleeve on the mohair hoodie, and one of the socks is to the cuffs, the other a little bit behind. What else was I working on? In any case, I also knit up a little skirt during the course of this trip. I wanted to try out the lace pattern for a sweater I was considering making, so I decided to work it as a much smaller project-what has turned into a cotton skirt perfectly sized for a toddler. Yesterday I started on a little top to match, in a different color but with the same lace pattern-pictures are forthcoming, I promise.

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Jenni said...

I think that if you have a daughter you should name her Penelope! It would be so fitting!!!